Conturve Review – Christmas Shapewear Sorted

When it comes to party season, we all want to look our best, and sometimes that means we need a little, secret help from some good quality support wear. Slinky party dresses, skinny jeans, and unforgiving bodycon wear are all fabulous in their own way, but they certainly don’t leave room for an extra dessert, or for when we are having those fat days. Fortunately Conturve’s new shape wear pieces are there to ensure we can look our best, and can maybe even go down a dress size.

Conturve are all about body positivity, no matter what the label in your clothes says. They say:-

We are on a mission to help you love your body more and feel as confident as you should. Flaunt your figure and enhance your curves, boost your confidence and shape your look. We want you to stop worrying about your shape and start loving the curves and body that you have.

This season, every woman needs the shaping shorts in their wardrobe, because these can be worn with just about everything. I have been test driving these, and they are absolutely brilliant in that they give you a wonderful shape helping to reduce the look and size of your tummy area, but they are also comfortable, you can actually forget you are wearing them.

My main issue with shape-wear is always linked to comfort – you can often feel like you are wearing some sort of medieval contraption, and that, yes, it looks pretty good, but, don’t you dare try and breathe. But this is certainly not the case for the high waisted shaping shorts from Conturve. They are easy to get on and put into place. The waistband is high, but it doesn’t slip down thanks to the double layered silicone strips on the inner waistband, so you don’t get any extra rolls under slinky fabrics. The fabric is so comfortable to wear that this can be layered over tights like I am wearing them, or on bare legs for warmer days.

Wearing a bias skirt without the shorts.

I am wearing the shorts with a bias cut slinky skirt, and, as you can see, it does make quite a difference in terms of removing some inches from my tummy, which are definitely my problem areas.


The shorts give cleaner, straighter lines, and for some they may also give the confidence to wear something that they would otherwise avoid.

I love the fact that I can wear the shorts underneath the skirt and it is not noticeable that I am wearing them due to the lack of seams, but if you were wearing something shorter you could opt for the High Waisted Shaping Panty instead. These have a similar effect on the tummy area, adding support and control, and they have the same double layered silicone strips on the inner waistband which again means they are guaranteed to staying in place all through the day, no matter what you are doing and wearing.

Black Friday is just around the corner, so now is a perfect time to short your shape-wear for all your Christmas outfits as there are some amazing savings to be made.

Black Friday and a Discount Code

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