Customer Service: What’s Your Call?

At some time in our lives we either visit a customer service department or ring a customer service helpline. This could be to make a complaint, answer a query, enquire into the whereabouts of a product we have ordered or to check up on a bill or piece of correspondence we have received.

CCSN who help you find the number you need on their site recently ran a survey to find out what respondents hope to get out of a customer service phone call. They found that ultimately you want your expectations to be met – to find the information you required, or to have an answer regarding your problem. Customers want a personal, and polite approach, rather than to feel like they are talking to some automated robot. And, in our modern times, we want a range of ways to get in touch, rather than a high rate phone number that is only available between 9-5.

Our customer service experiences can be varied to say the least, but I thought I would share a great example of good customer service that I experienced recently. My mobile provider is O2 and I have been pretty satisfied with them overall, but a couple of weeks ago I cashed in my rewards and wanted to spend the funds on some extra data by buying a bolt on. I knew I had enough funds, but when I tried to do this through the automated system I was told that I had insufficient funds. I was fuming so rang through to O2 customer services.

I fully expected to buy my bolt on and that would be that, but O2 offer service that is over and above. The girl asked me why I wanted to buy a  bolt on as they were expensive, so I explained I was out of data, was still some days from buying my new monthly package, and needed my internet for an event I was attending. The girl then suggested that I increase my monthly package as it would be more cost effective and offer better value for money, but, in the meantime, she added extra data to my phone free of charge. I was so pleasantly surprised, really happy with the whole call and the outcome.

Have you had any good experiences of customer services recently?

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