Decluttering Your Wardrobe This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to sort and declutter your wardrobe. As the colder weather starts to recede, we can finally pack away those bigger coats and thick jumpers, and hope that they can stay away until at least the following Autumn. But as well as packing away our seasonal wears, it is also a good time to sort out those clothes that you no longer wear, to hopefully make some space (and maybe some money) for your new Spring wardrobe treats.

There are many reasons why an item in your wardrobe is unloved. It could be something that no longer fits and therefore you couldn’t actually wear it. It could be that it was an impulse buy, something you have never even removed the tags from. It could be an item that you did love but have now fell out of love with, familiarity breeding contempt and all that. It could be that your wardrobe is simply overflowing and that you have to make room somehow, somewhere. It could be that you have the same item lots of times over. Maybe you are even creating a capsule wardrobe. And all these reasons could also apply to your handbags, shoes and jewellery.

So what to do?

A car boot sale

A car boot sale is a great way to get rid of a lot of things in one go. You can sell just about anything on a car boot, and, on a sunny Sunday morning. it is a lovely way to spend a few hours. You will need to get yourself a good clothes rail, and a paste table is good for displaying bags and items of jewellery.

The main downside is that you can’t really charge that much for your items, or else you could end up loading the car back up with them again at the end of the sale.

Selling unwanted jewellery

Unwanted jewellery is something you can definitely cash in on, especially if it is gold, silver or gemnset. Companies like Post My Gold help you to sell gold online which can help you to make money from something that you no longer wanted. This is a much better option than selling through eBay or on a car boot, where the true value may not be realised.

Although not as popular as it once was, eBay is still a good way to get rid of clothes and bags that have good labels, or have the price tags still intact. Look for days where you can list for zero fees so you make the maximum profit for your items, also look for good times for your auction to end – Sunday evening tends to be popular as people are at home – week day during the day, when people are working, are obviously not so good. Give as much description as you can, and take good, clear pictures of your stuff.

Donate to Charity

If you are simply interested in clearing out, and don’t want the hassle of eBay or a car boot, then ‘donate, don’t dump’ is key. Charity shops are often crying out for good quality items for their shops, and you can both clear your space and give to a good cause, which has to be a win, win situation.

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