Diana The People’s Princess From Welbeck Publishing

31st August 1997. There can’t be many people who don’t remember exactly where they were when they heard that Diana, Princess of Wales had died. The People’s Princess was an icon in her lifetime, much loved, much admired and much photographed. Her death, at the early age of 36, ensured that she would never be forgotten, and a new publication from Welbeck Publishing, written by broadcaster and Royal Correspondent Nicholas Owen, and with a forward from Sir Trevor McDonald, celebrates her life and legacy.

Diana The People’s Princess is a stunning, hardback book that has the reader fascinated from the cover image, a stunning early official photograph by Lord Snowdon. The book was originally written in 1997 in the aftermath of Diana’s death, but this update for 2020 includes a chapter about Diana’s legacy, her son’s William and Harry, their wives and their children, Diana’s grandchildren.

The book is heavy on beautiful colour photography. Some of the early photographs had not been seen before at the time of publishing and show a Diana before the fame and adulation, when she was just a young girl who loved children and animals. The photographs are a brilliant way to track Diana as she progressed through her life, to the shy young bride in a rather creased dress, to a devoted young mother, to the poised, glamorous and independent woman she was by the time of her death. They are also a brilliant way to track her progress as a style icon, Diana was one of the most admired and important figures in British fashion for almost two decades, and her influence on designers and her inimitable style remain a standard today.

The loss of the Princess of Wales at the height of her fame and beauty is still a tragedy that is sometimes hard to believe. This beautiful book is a stunning tribute to a woman who changed the Royal Family forever and who’s legacy will never be forgotten.

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