Euro 2016 – Hot Men with Beards Alert

Today is the day. I’m more than a little excited to say that Euro 2016 starts tonight with the opening match between host nation France and Romania starting at 8pm. And whilst I am genuinely excited as a fan of football, I know that a lot of people (women in particular) do not relish the prospect of their television being taken over for the next three weeks with football, football and football.

But, fear not, because even if football is not quite your thing, there are other attractions that must be taken into account, and that is the very hot footballers, who, these days, all seem to have perfectly groomed beards. If there was any further proof needed that this is the age of the beard, Euro 2016 is it. These are the beards du Jour, clipped, washed in beard oil and then teased perfectly into place. I’m guessing that all these footballers spend quite a bit of time on the Startifacts site, where you can read all about the latest men’s grooming products, including beard trimmers and shavers.

Leading the line for the best beard has to be the gorgeous Olivier Giroud. He’s promising to dye his beard the colour of the French Tricolor if France win the Euros – that would definitely be worth seeing. His team-mates Benoit Costil (who could be his twin quite frankly) and Yohan Cabaye also fit the bill of being hot, French and bearded.  For Spain we have the bearded and tattooed Sergio Ramos, whilst Italy has the perfect Graziano Pelle to delight those with a Latin crush.

Euro Delights

Giroud – C’est Magnifique!
















Are you excited for the Euros or are you going to be a football widow for the next few weeks? Who are you backing to win?

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26 thoughts on “Euro 2016 – Hot Men with Beards Alert

  1. My hubby is exactly the same, good thing I’m a bit beard obsessed at the moment, as you can see from this post.

  2. I cannot wait for it to start tonight, I absolutely love football and I love the beard angle in this post, my hubs has a beard x

  3. All the hottest men have beards Rachel, I’m married to a hot beardy too, and yes, a love of football will definitely be an advantage over the next few weeks.

  4. My money is firmly on Spain. They’ve been getting nothing but bad reports over the last few weeks, which has allowed the odds to go up!

    Oh and even as a Male blogger, I can’t help but admire Sergio Ramos! Such a talented centre back and fashion icon in his own rights

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  7. What happened??? I backed France from the off, just for the glorious Olivier, and am feeling quietly confident now.

  8. I used to quite like following the football but since starting my blog I just don’t have time! I’ve never really liked beards that much but those pics do look quite good:-)

  9. I love football but ive not been paying attention to the euros as sadly scotland didnt qualify as per usual lol x

  10. I’ve defo been a football widow these past few weeks. I was backing Wales but they went out the other night. My other half has Portugal in a work sweepstake so I hope they win so I can get some money from my weeks of missing tv lol

  11. Shame, your captain Darren Fletcher is captain for my team West Brom and he is a top bloke.x

  12. I’m not a football fan, thankfully hubby isn’t a fan either, although he does enjoy watching the England matches but not sure if that’s so he can just stay in the loop at work.

    However, wow, nice beards

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