Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

Creative writing can benefit your child academically, professionally and personally. 

Children have such wonderful imaginations and it is important for teachers and parents to harness this ability through creative writing activities.
If your child struggles with creative writing, there are a number of ways you can help them. 

Here are a few ideas form Holy Cross Preparatory School to help develop your child’s creative writing skills, as well as boost their imagination and creativity:

  • It is important to read with your child as often as possible. Regular reading will not only improve your child’s vocabulary and grammar skills, but it will also introduce them to a variety of subjects and writing styles. 
  • With regular reading, your child will soon have favourite books and authors, which will help them to develop their own style of writing. A great way to begin your child’s creative writing journey is by asking them to create a new ending to their favourite story. Explore how slight changes to the events in the story could lead to a completely different outcome.
  • When practicing creative writing, it is important for children to choose a topic that really interests them. This will help them to enjoy the task, rather than see it as a chore, and keep them motivated to complete their story. 
  • Once your child has chosen a topic, ask them to ‘mind map’ every word relating to this theme. A good way to mind map is by asking your child to think of how their topic could affect their senses. For example, a jungle story might include seeing trees, feeling humid and hearing animals. Creating a mind map can also help your child to establish a story setting and characters.
  • Another tip for story structure is to ask your child to think of a problem for the characters to solve. This will help them to create a storyline with an effective ending.

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