Fashion Mommies: Selecting The Best Semi-Precious Gems

Are you a fashion freak? Do you wish to make a style statement? Well, most of us are quite focused on our clothing. What you need to keep in mind is that the accessories are equally essential. You cannot ignore them by any means at all.

If you are a fashionable mom, then jewellery must be holding an immense amount of significance in your life. 

However, finding the best semi-precious stones can be challenging, so let us give you some essential guidelines here.

Choosing semi-precious stones

Picking an Amethyst

 One of the most popular semi-precious stones is Amethyst. When we talk about the primary color of this stone, then it is violet. There are many secondary colors available for Amethyst also. For example, you may come across red or blue Amethyst.

 When you go for the deeper colored Amethysts, then keep one thing in mind. They will have a high price. When you go for the Deep Siberian Amethyst, then it is the best of the lot. When you want to evaluate the color of the Amethyst, make sure that you look at it in the daylight.

As a result, it will become easy for you to perceive the hue of the stone correctly. You should also evaluate the clarity of the Amethyst. Ideally, it should have few imperfections. Look at the Amethyst in a well-lit setting. The cut of the Amethyst is also essential.

Usually, an Amethyst gets cut to maximize its color. You should look at the intensity of Amethyst color and this way you can judge its cut also.

 Buying an Opal

Most mommies love the white Opal too. The best way to judge an Opal is through its brightness. There are three ratings for the white Opal. It can be Subdued, Bright and Brilliant. The Brilliant rating stands out.

Ideally, you should also get a certificate of authority when buying a white Opal.

Getting hold of a Garnet

When we talk about the popularity of semi-precious stones, then Garnet is also popular. You can get a Garnet in a plethora of colors. However, the Garnets having a vivid color tend to hold more value.

The best thing about Garnets is that they are available in standard cuts. Well, this is why they can set into the jewellery without a problem. The exciting aspect about a Garnet is that inclusions get considered as defects. However, the case is different with a Garnet.

Some of the Garnets have a rare effect that gets referred to as Asterism. The defect gets treasured and adds up to the value of the Garnet.

It takes a lot of time for mommies to save up significant amount to buy gems. You should not let this money get wasted. When you buy semi-precious gems, make sure that you do your bit of research. As a result, you can get hold of the best semi-precious gems. Every time you flaunt these gems, you will have a sense of pride so go for them by all means.  You will get happy with your decision.

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