Fashionable but elegant double glazed sash windows for your period home.

Keeping original features in traditional properties is the in thing at the moment. The only issue being single glazed sash windows are cold, insecure, noisy, and leaky. Single glazed sash windows leak far too much energy and in this article I will explain to you just how you can upgrade your sash windows without detracting from the look of your home. 

Find sash windows suppliers

The first step to securing new sash windows for your property is contact a list of reputable suppliers. Sash windows are no small investment so I recommend speaking to at least five good companies. Identifying five good companies is really much easier than you would think. With the world of online reviews you can take a look at local companies on Google Business listings which will show you the local companies, for instance Windows Bristol would give you the best reviews of window companies in that part of the world. Most of these companies are now being reviewed through google as this seems to be far more trustworthy than other channels as Google will show you the user, and they also show you other reviews the user has made. It is quite apparent which are genuine. 

Workout what you want from your sash windows

Once you’ve shortlisted five reputable sash windows companies then the next step is to ascertain what specification of window you would like. If you main concern is heating then it’s likely you would look to choose a high quality Pilkington low emissivity double glazed unit. This glass comes with considerable benefits.These are either Argon or Krypton filled.  Perhaps noise is the issue concerning you the most? There are two options; most common is an acoustic laminate double glazed unit which is effectively three layers of glass, with two laminated and then bound together in the same way as double glazing. Acoustic laminate double glazed units really work well. The next step up is genuine triple glazing with two air cavities. This really drops the level of noise in your home. Typically these are combined with an energy efficient glazing to produce the best of both worlds; heat retention as well as an improvement in the reduction of noise pollution.

Receive quotes for your sash windows

After meeting all sash window companies they will normally go away and make a quote for you. Be sure they’ve fully understood your specification so that all quotes come back for the same product. It’s really difficult to know what’s good value for money if one company quotes double glazed sash in softwood while another quotes triple glazed in hardwood. That’s why I sometimes use Only Windows who sort all this out for me. Ensure that either they have the spec or that you are clear and want to compare all options. Don’t be afraid to query any issues, all companies will be glad to hear from you. Also be sure that they make high quality sash windows that look like original windows and not low end European windows that are not fashionable or pretty at all.

Check an install your chosen sash window specialist and place an order

It’s important to check that they’re doing the right job and that you’re happy with a typical install. It provides a bar to work from and a reference point if there is ever any query in quality of finish. It also helps you ascertain that they do quality work. All reputable sash window companies will be more than happy to show you as many installs as you would like to see. On installation and completion of payment these units come with a ten year guarantee so you have peace of mind your sash windows are really put to bed with replacement. Once you are fully satisfied with your chosen company  of these points then confirm an installation date and then follow up with a deposit. If you follow all these steps then you’re certain to end up with a high quality product that will enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your home.

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