Final Garden tips now Summer is here.

Now that summer is finally here, my garden project is almost completed. This year was the year that my garden had an overhaul, down to the fact that Joe had grown out of his playhouse and most of his garden toys, so these could be disposed of (given to a neighbour with young grandchildren in actual fact), and that has given us more room for planters, flower beds and (Joe’s new obsession) goalposts. You can read all about the previous changes here, but now that we are firmly ensconced in a thoroughly British Summer I can share the final stages of garden development.

The Lawn

We have a rather large lawn, hence it’s use as a mini football stadium, but it has looked tired in places, and due to a large number of trees at the back of the house, we do get strange patches of plants that pop up due to seed dispersal by birds. Β This summer we have added some new sections of grass, and have also landscaped the garden using lawn edging. Lawn edging, such as that offered by The Plastic People, keeps lawns looking neat and tidy, and can also be used to separate grass areas from borders, giving your garden clear definition.

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A paddling Pool (yes really)

Every single year we buy a new paddling pool. Because, without fail, we leave our current one outside and allow it to fill with rain water, insects and mildew, and are then forced to throw it away. This year I would love to invest in a new, larger pool so that I could also get in it, providing those hot days com back of course. Argos and Wilkinsons are a couple of places that have a good stock of pools, and Home and BM bargains are also worth a look too.



Keeping on top of the plants

We’ve been so pleased that many of the plants that we planted in Spring have grown and are making the garden a brighter place, but we are now waiting for some of the plants that were due to sprout in June. One of these was our strawberry plant, which was due in June. I’m currently writing this from my hotel balcony in Portugal, so I’m really hoping that when I get home, there will be at least a few lovely strawberries to enjoy.If not…well…it will be time to hit the fruit farm again!


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23 thoughts on “Final Garden tips now Summer is here.

  1. I hope you get to invest in a swimming pool this year like you wish, I know what you mean with inflatables it can be easy to forget that they can gather mildew.

  2. I loved our paddling pool as a kid… I’d definitely go for a grown-up-sized one, that would be SO much fun!!

  3. Paddling pools are awesome , wish they made them in tall adult sizes πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I also love gardening πŸ™‚

  4. It’s been my dream to have my garden with pool. As I only have a balcony now, I bookmarked this post for future use.

  5. We need to do our garden, it really isn’t toddler friendly. We always take him to one of our relatives to use their garden to play x

  6. I absolutely love that little plastic edging, It would make my garden so much more easier to handle! I think I need a paddling pool just for me as these hot muggy times are killing me!

  7. I could do with a paddling pool but I would need a garden first and maybe living on group floor instead of top floor.

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