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As we hit New Year’s Eve, we know we have January to look forward to. And when I say look forward to, I am saying it with my tongue firmly in cheek. January is, quite frankly, the most miserable month out there. The lights of Christmas have long gone, the tree is down, the weather is as cold as can be, days are short and there’s not a lot going on. Anything that can make that month pass quicker is much welcomed, and so the free, fun online games from Culinary Schools could be one way to pass the time, particularly if you have a young wannabe chef in the family.

Culinary Schools is a website dedicated to making the pathway to becoming a professional chef easier. It gives information about actual culinary and chef schools and training courses, careers information, degree course information for both cooking and cookery management, literally a one stop shop for all the information you need if this is your chosen life path. But in addition to all this there are the free online games that all have a cookery slant, making them a lot of fun and enjoyment for your little (and not so little) ones who are food obsessed.

I have been trying out a few of these games and thought I would share a few favourites with you.


As a fan of traditional Solitaire, this Mahjong Solitaire is absolutely one of my new favourite ways to pass the time. It is a matching game, with food related pairs all over the grid, but you can only match pairs that are around the edges of the grid, making them disappear to reveal new images.

You can shuffle the grid if you are struggling to find pairs, but shuffling leads to time penalties of one minute added each time.

I think this game is great fun, bordering on addictive, and it is brilliant for hand and eye co-ordination too.

Choco Blocks

Anyone who loves traditional Tetris, and also has a love for chocolate will love Choco Blocks, a form of chocolate Tetris. You play this with all the traditional Tetris rules, trying to create full lines in order to gain the points and remove these blocks from the grid. The difference is that the blocks look like different pieces of chocolate, complete with the occasional bite marks.

This is a game of skill, as the pieces do move rather quickly, and you need to see the patterns quickly of where the pieces will fit.

If you love gaming, love a freebie, and are always looking for something different to do on cold days that don’t involve putting a coat on, I would definitely recommend checking out Culinary Schools games, they have something for all ages to enjoy.



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