Firing The Spark In A Relationship.

Whether you are in a long term relationship, are enjoying the first flush of love, or are currently enjoying no strings dating, there is no excuse for letting all the passion and excitement go from your life. There are lots of different ways to keep a relationship as vital and exciting as it was when you first got together, and if you are currently looking to find love, whether through a traditional dating website, or through the more physical sex sites, the truth is that passion and interest need to be kept alive in order to avoid the relationship rut.

Here are some things you can do to keep the fires burning.

  1. Lingerie and a touch of something naughty

Keeping your sex life active and interesting will certainly help to keep a relationship alive, or ignite a new one. Beautiful and sexy lingerie, fun sex toys, erotic books and fun games can all re-ignite a stagnant sex life. These days you don’t have to worrry about being embarrassed about buying these naughty adult toys. Local private shops do still exist, but you can buy these things online or at Ann Summers, which has branches in most big cities. Even Poundland has got in on the act, with a range of condoms and sex toys selling for, you’ve guessed it, just a pound.



2. Date Night

There are only a couple of thick and fast rules to apply when it comes to date night. If you are married the first is obvious – no children allowed. This is quality time for you and your partner, and if you can leave your phone and social media behind too, so much the better. For everything else it is down to personal preference:- the destination is up to you, a movie, a nice meal in a good restaurant, or just a quite drink. Do avoid your local though, you don’t want date night turning into a catch up with friends, especially if you are not at the stage of introducing your date to friends yet.

3. Make the effort to speak to each other.

It is so easy when you both come in from work and feel tired, just to slob in the armchair staring at the television. It becomes even harder to communicate when kids are involved, demanding your time, attention and their dinner. So you must make sure you talk to one another, ask about each other’s day, share a kiss and a cuddle too. It does make all the difference. In a new relationship make sure you are making time to really get to know each other, this means dates in places where you can actually talk, rather than the cinema for every date. You may be getting to know Hugh Jackman with endless viewings of ‘The Greatest Showman’ but what about your date?

4. Little gifts

Gifts don’t have to be huge and ostentatious to be appreciated, it is the idea that the thought was there, and whilst your other half was elsewhere, they were still thinking of you. My hubby very often stops on his way home from work and picks up my favourite chocolate for me. It often takes him a long time to get home from work, so the idea that he still stopped and thought of me really does mean a lot. For new dates, flowers work really well, just judge the mood and don’t be too effusive, this could scare your date off.