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Friday Shopping focus – M&Co 20% off all dresses

The new season has seen M&Co  introduce a collection of beautiful dresses that I am finding hard to resist adding to my wardrobe. With influences that stretch from 1960s shifts,  to 50s style full skirts and 1980s bodycon, there are dresses to suit every body shape and every taste. There are also dresses in a wide range of colours, including brights, which is fab as this is the time of year which traditionally embraces muted shades and monochrome.

This weekend M&Co are offering 20% off a whole range of these wonderful dresses, giving you a nice little treat that also helps you to save the pennies too. As I have said in the past, sales and discount periods are the perfect time to sort out your festive and party wardrobes before the crazy season begins.

What I have my eyes on…

Jewelled neck ponte dress now £44 click to visit M&Co
Butterfly print dress £31.20 click to visit M&Co
Sheer neck soft green dress £30 click to visit M&Co
All over lace dress £39.20 click to visit M&Co
Oversized dogtooth print dress £36 click to visit M&Co
Bird print dogtooth dress £36 click to visit M&Co
Dogtooth bodycon dress £31.20 click to visit M&Co
Modern printed shift dress £28 click to visit M&Co

To view all dresses. click here to visit M&Co.

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