Handbag Essentials

The one possession I could not live without is my handbag, Like my women, my handbag contains my life, and a whole lot more. My current bag of choice is a black Steven Madden tote, and as well as the usual purse, keys and mobile phone it is home to a number of Panini football cards, Haribo sweets, a rather overfilled make up bag, tissues, a Big Sleuth map and my current reading  – A book about London’s strangest tales. The bottom of the bag is littered with train tickets, and I also have lots of perfume testers that I got at a House of Fraser beauty event last week. It is quite an eclectic mix, and probably says a lot about me, and my personality. But is is also desperately in need of sorting, because unless you actually want to damage your spine lugging around lots of random rubbish, you really only need to carry around your handbag essentials.

Here are my own personal handbag essentials.

A good sized purse.

A purse in a bag is obviously a bit of a no brainer, but for me, that purse needs to be strong and sturdy, and able to carry all your cards as well as your cash. Some people opt for separate card holders, but this is just something else to take up valuable space, and to search for when you are at the store counter. I always opt for good quality leather, my last purse was a River Island piece that lasted for eight years of use before it finally fell apart.

A notebook

As a blogger, and someone who still loves pen and paper, this is another must have in my bag. I use it to write down any ideas I have when I’m out and about – you never know when inspiration might strike, but I also use it to make shopping lists, Christmas lists and just to jot down notes and aid memoirs that help my day to run more smoothly. I love good quality moleskine notebooks, especially if they can also be personalised. A little bit of luxury in your handbag is always a good thing.

An Umbrella

I spend a lot of time running around, on the school run, doing errands and generally being out and about. As this is the UK, this demands an umbrella – especially for what I refer to as the 3.20pm rain outbreak that occurs on Monday to Fridays (at school run time for those who are scratching their heads and don’t have kids.) I used to buy cheap brollies, but after being caught out as they have blown inside out yet again, I now tend to opt for Fulton or a Boden design.

My Make-Up Bag

I sometimes run straight from the school run to an event, and tend to travel by train. I’m one of those people who put my face on whilst traveling, so having my cosmetics with me is essential. It’s not the size of a Boots counter, but does have enough products to make me look presentable, and a red lippie is the one item that it must contain.

What are your handbag essentials?

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