How does alcohol impact my ability to drive?

Everyone should take some time out to travel at some point in their lives and more people than ever are heading overseas or discovering places they’ve never visited in their home country before. Whether you’re hoping to find yourself or you just want a culturally enriching experience, there’s a lot to enjoy and try whilst you’re away from home. 

And, with all that travel and exploration, you’re going to want to sit and unwind at some point. And for most adults, enjoying an ice-cold beer or a glass of crisp white wine is the perfect place to start. As relaxing as drinking alcohol can be, it can also leave us vulnerable and often puts us in dangerous situations, especially if we decide to get behind the wheel.

When you decide to drink and drive – even if you’re not going far – you could seriously injure yourself or someone else. You could face criminal charges and even a personal injury lawsuit – click here for a Marksville personal injury lawyer. In short, it’s enough to ruin your life, even if it did happen whilst you’re travelling the world! 

Here we’ll take a look at how alcohol will impact your ability to drive.

Your reaction time

You’re driving on unfamiliar roads, and the road conditions might not be what you’re used to – couple this with alcohol in your system and it’s a recipe for disaster. Alcohol is a relaxant which means your reactions will be much slower than what is required to drive safely. If you suddenly need to brake or turn or even stop for a red light, then you’re not going to react in time and cause an accident.

Your concentration levels

To drive safely, you need to stay alert and concentrate. That way you can react and drive coherently. Alcohol causes your attention to fade and renders you unable to focus on what’s ahead. It can also make you drowsy – a lethal combination behind the wheel.

Lack of coordination 

To drive you have to be able to turn the steering wheel, apply the brakes, accelerator, use your signals, check your mirrors, move the gear stick, all whilst being aware of what is going on around you. Alcohol in your system will make your coordination non-existent and your ability to pull levels, turn and use your feet at the same time, impossible.

Unable to make decisions

Can you make that turning? Did you hit that cyclist? You can make that red light. How close are you to the car in front? When you’re driving with alcohol in your system, you won’t be able to make these decisions or react appropriately.

Final thoughts…

If you’re enjoying yourself and want to have a drink, then leave your car at your hotel. Designate a driver, get a cab, or walk! 


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