How Often To Weigh In For Weight Loss

No matter your dieting, weight loss, or health goals, it is necessary to know your weight. However, being on a weight loss journey, you need to do it regularly. It can be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Find out more in this guide on how regularly you should step on the weighing scale when your main agenda is losing weight. 

Weighing Regularly 

Keeping track of weight loss goals then daily is the most preferred way to do it. It helps you know if you are moving in the right direction. If you follow a specific weight loss regimen and notice no significant changes, you can change to another that will be effective.

Having a FitTrack Scale in your house is essential as you can weigh yourself each day and simultaneously. The weighing tool not only measures your weight but other measurements such as fat mass, bone mass, hydration, and muscle mass. It helps you understand your body’s overall health, hydration levels and know if you are losing fat and gaining strength. 

The smart scale is suitable for use regardless of your body type. It is an ideal tool for the entire family, including young ones, to monitor their health. It also syncs with other health apps such as Google Fit and Apple Health.

How Often To Step On the Scale

If you want to know your progress, you will have to be consistent. That will mean using the same scale, weighing simultaneously, and wearing the same clothes or without them. If it is a daily routine, do it at the same hour each day. 

If it is per week, it should be on the same day because it would differ if you weighed on different days. You can also consider doing it in the morning before you eat or drink to get reliable results, just in case you have anxiety about weighing scales or eating disorders. In that case, it is not advisable to consider regularly, and you may have to see a psychologist to deal with the mental health issues first. 

Benefits of Regular Weighing 

For most people, the time they get to weigh themselves is during a visit to the doctor. As you are on your weight loss journey, you may find yourself considering frequently. However, it would help if you did it regularly regardless of what you are doing. There are several benefits of stepping on the weighing scale. 

It helps indicate not only your current weight but also how your body is doing. You can tell when you are gaining or losing weight. In case of a sudden gain or loss of weight, you can go for a medical checkup since most times it is an indication of a health problem. 

What It Means When You Notice Weight Gain Overnight

You may be happy with the trend for a couple of days, and then one day, you notice weight gain overnight. It ought not to be a cause for alarm as it is a regular occurrence. You may have indulged yourself the night before and took more calories than usual. 

It could also be a case of water retention, which best explains an overnight increase in weight. Some of the reasons for water retention could be eating food with high amounts of sodium, traveling for long hours, having PMS or being on the menstrual cycle, taking alcohol, and constipation. If none of these reasons could be behind your sudden weight gain, then you may need to visit and consult your doctor. 

What to Do When There Is No Change

It is not a wonder to find your weight stagnating every time you step on the weighing scale, despite your best efforts to eat well,  take your vitamins for weight loss and metabolism, and exercise. However, it should not be a reason to worry yourself about it. Your weight is only one among many ways of finding out how your body is responding to a weight loss journey. 

There are other ways you can measure your success apart from the scale. You can calculate your waist or thighs once a week to see if you have lost inches. You may also check if there are changes to your body composition by trying your favorite outfit. 

Looking at the Bigger Picture

You may have a target weight you want to achieve at a given period. However, no matter how hard you try with no real change, do not despair since it can make you go back to bad eating habits.

Your motivation should be that you are sticking to a healthy routine by eating right and exercising. You will have more energy for the activities during the day, making you more productive than before. Whether there is a significant change on the scale or not, if you observe a healthy regimen, that is what counts.

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