How to be a Mom and wear Leather

This season hails a healthy amount of leather, moody colours, gothic and romantic vibes as well as floral and geometric patterns, sci-fi fantasy prints, oriental motifs and Chinese style embroidery amongst other strokes of genius thanks to the designers.  Many moms may be inclined to think ‘that’s nice’ and carry on in their comfy daily clothes not paying so much attention to fashion. That’s fine.

However, as a mom it IS possible to keep up with fashion whilst simultaneously being comfy and carrying out all the daily chores donning practical attire. The is no need to spend lots of time on elaborate detail, a good part of looking good is owning some fundamental pieces and know what looks good with what. This article focuses on tips of how to wear a few ‘fashionable’ pieces this season including leather jackets and leather boots.

Change is always good. Tweak your usual mommy style with a few simple yet effective alterations. No doubt you’ve had the same dependable jacket now for a few winters that weathers all storms and has served you well.  Forget the practical, (sometimes ugly) jackets this season and layer up underneath a fabulous leather jacket which will make you feel gorgeous. There’s no reason why a mom can’t wear leather and have an edge. It’s as easy as making that decision! What is more, leather jackets are a global classic, they are very durable and comfortable, they come in all shapes, colours and sizes and they are a real investment, a timeless piece if you like.

If you don’t want to don the jacket then the obvious alternative is a good, sexy pair of leather boots.  A gorgeous pair of leather boots will radically change your outfit and make you feel great. Knee-high or ankle boots, black, brown or earthy terracotta, as long as you feel good there is no set look. Boots are the perfect accessory to any autumn/winter outfit and incredibly versatile. They can be worn with jeans, skirts of all lengths, dresses or even shorts and tights!

In the cold boots are perfect as you can wear them over numerous layers of socks and they are part of your outfit that are seen (as well as the potentially gorgeous leather jacket)and add a stylish touch to the autumn/winter look.



If you are really brave then leather skirts, dresses, tops and trousers are available in a range of colours, especially the sultry shades of the season. Again, they are comfortable, versatile garments which you can bring out year upon year reinforcing the stylish mom that you are.

To accessorise the leather look or sultry blocks of tone that you choose to wear this season, dark or strongly coloured lipstick is an effortless touch.  Simple yet striking earrings or a necklace which take no longer than a second to put on also easily complement an outfit. For a real edge you could go for a leather from head to toe look but equally staying feminine and just bringing in one piece to your outfit, perhaps a jacket over a nice dress or a stunning pair of boots with good jeans is your choice. Feeling comfortable in what you wear you’ll ooze confidence and style.

Adding leather to your wardrobe is something you won’t regret.  Leather attire is sexy, comfortable, classic, chic and durable. Not only is it all these things, it also gives you a fashionable yet elegant edge which you’ll grow to love.

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