How To Choose The Perfect Diamond – Step By Step Shopping Guide

If you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring, you may agree that the most difficult aspect of buying an engagement ring is selecting the diamond. Most online retailers provide an option to build your ring. Part of this process includes choosing your diamond, out of thousands of other options.

If money is no concern, then this won’t be a problem at all – though you still want to find good value for your purchase. However, if you’re on a tight budget, picking the best diamond you can afford will be more complex and time-consuming.

Being aware that the diamond goes a long way to determining the look of the ring overall just adds to the pressure of choosing the perfect diamond. Because at the end of the day you want to make the right selection, something your partner will love and find gorgeous. 

So, to get a top-quality look, you need the best quality diamonds from Canadian brand Kimberfire

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to make the best selection at the best price without compromising the way your diamond looks.

Set your budget

Deciding on your budget is critical because it makes sure you stay within a reasonable price range. If you’re not aware of what you can afford, it’s very easy to break your budget and go over it. 

Decide on the shape you want your diamond to be

It’s important to bear in mind that the diamond shape is different from the diamond cut. The cut is one of the methods used to evaluate a diamond and refers to the facets and angles of the diamond. The most popular shapes are round, oval, and cushion but there are many other shapes you can choose from. For diamond cut, it’s always best to select as nice as possible as this is where a diamond obtains its sparkle from.

Find out the carat weight you can afford

This step in the process largely depends on how much you are open to spending, and the weight you can afford within recommended quality standards. 

Once you have decided on your budget and shape, it becomes easy to start your search. Always begin with the largest diamond available within your budget, while making sure there are no visible inclusions or color tints. This means a color grade of I or higher, and a clarity grade of SI2 or higher – while ensuring the diamond is completely clean to the eye, as not all SI clarity diamonds are. You can also mix your metals with diamonds, a diamond and platinum bracelet for women is a gorgeous gift choice for a loved on and a special occasion.

In a general sense though, searching for a high-quality diamond without any expert guidance will not be easy. If this is your case, you’ll need to make changes to your search criteria. The following suggestions will certainly give you the best results:

You can start by increasing the clarity grade to VS2 or higher, before adjusting any other factors. The reason this is the next best alternative is that VS2 diamonds are clean to the eye in most cases. Diamonds within any clarity range vary in how desirable they are, but at least a diamond of VS2 clarity or higher is unlikely to have any visible inclusions.

At this point in your diamond shopping journey, you’ll certainly have many diamond options to choose from. Keeping it within your search criteria and budget will work best. And, although the process can become stressful and time-consuming, you’ll be able to make a calculated decision and be well on your way in your journey to finding the perfect diamond to suit your needs.


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