How To Make Your Period Property More Environmentally Friendly

I am happy and proud to say that I live in a period property. My mid terraced home was built in 1898 and is in a pretty good state of repair considering she celebrated her 120th birthday last year. If you live in a period property, or are considering buying one, one concern may be just how environmentally friendly your home can be considering it was built at a time when this wasn’t such an important consideration. The truth is, with a little thought and attention to detail, you can make your period property more eco-friendly, as well as super stylish too.

Timber Sash Windows

Beautiful, original timber sash windows can be a huge selling point when it comes to a period home, but they can often be a nightmare, being draughty and letting out a huge amount of warm air. You may also have a problem if you home is listed, as you will need to replace like for like. But the reality is that it has never been easier to find replacement timber sash windows in London that are also superior in terms of being weatherproof and draughtproof, they also feature toughened laminated glass which helps keep heat in your home. Chase Windows are a great brand to look out for if you are looking for home improvements for London homes.


Doors are another feature which can add to the period look of your property but can also be a major source of losing heat. Luckily, you can replace old wooden doors with modern versions that retain the look of a period style, whether that be through the use of stained glass or antique style fixtures and fittings.


Rather than investing in new furniture, look at reclamation yards for old fireplaces and internal doors and try to retain any period features that your home may already have. If you have original doors inside your home, but these haves years of paint on them, you can save them by having them dipped to remove the old paint and return them to their former glory.

Junk shops and reclamation yards are the perfect place to find original door furniture, we found all the original rim locks in scrap boxes and they cleaned up perfectly. You can also score second-hand furniture stores and charity shops for pieces of period furniture, I have seen lots of antique bedroom furniture and pretty 40s style cabinets for really reasonable prices.

Recycling and upcycling furniture is very environmentally friendly, supports local charities, businesses and tradesmen and is the ultimate in being environmentally friendly when it comes to your home style.

How do you add period style to your home?

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