The Need For All Employee Engagement

In any workplace, there is a need for an effective, all encompassing communications platform that can pass on information, leave a space for any questions to be asked, and can include all members of the team. This can be a format that can stop misinformation and misunderstandings spreading at a rate that can then become an issue.

The new Blink employee engagement platform is an employee experience app with the mission to improve the lives of front line workers through technology and empower them by giving them a voice. The App can let workers at all levels know everything they need to know, and let them be further included in work and planning processes through polls, surveys, notes on training, meeting information, generally letting all workers know what is happening in the workplace.

This is a system that is much needed in workplaces where there has been an issue with one person receiving information that then gets passed on second and third hand, and can change with the retelling. An example of this sort of retelling came when I was a young student teacher in the days when emails were still in their infancy in the workplace, and there was certainly no apps to link everyone. An incoming fax to the main office said the school was going to get a visit from Michael Jackson. No other information was given on the fax other than a date, time, and asking a specific member of staff to be available.

Now, before this sounds too far fetched. Michael Jackson the legend was supposed to be in the UK that week, and his interest in children was well known (although this was long before the rumour mill had kicked in.) There had been talk in the press of possible visits to schools and hospitals so people started to wonder. Gossip spread amongst staff and even reached some parents, could it really be the King of Pop was paying a visit, as with very little in the way of real facts, it all sounded so cloak and dagger. Maybe there was something in it?

Of course, Michael Jackson was never going to visit the school, there was a very slight mistake on the fax, which should’ve read Mick Jackson, an IT technician who was going to assess the schools early capabilities. Today, with an app someone would just ask the obvious question and everyone would be party to the answer and everyone would probably have laughed together at the idea, but for a few days at least, a school in Tipton thought they were going to have a very special visitor.


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