Summer Holiday Essentials

Holiday time is here, and if you have already booked up for some fun in the sun, now is the time to start thinking about your packing needs.

This may apply to your wardrobe, your toiletries, your sun protection, or your own, general protection. If you are looking forward to an upcoming holiday, I have put together some guides for items that may well be worth packing in your case or hand luggage.This is the first post, look out for more upcoming over the next few weeks.

Mosquito Repellent Bands and Spray

One of the worst things about spending time in the sun is the threat of mosquito’s. Their bites can be pretty painful, can itch like hell, and make what should be a lovely holiday experience become pretty miserable.

But prevention is definitely better than cure, and Theye have a brilliant range of products have been scientifically tested and proven to provide up to 8 hours protection from dreaded mosquito’s. Ranging from Mosquito Bands, Mosquito Repellent Bands, Mosquito Repellent Cream to ensure 100% protection and made from plant based materials that have been dermatologically tested.

I love the fact that the products are lightweight and totally travel friendly, ready to slip into your beach bag or rucksack to be carried every day so you don’t get caught out.

Nanshy Clear Travel Bags
I love Nanshy products. Their make up brushes which I featured in this post are probably the best I have ever used, and their travel and toiletries bags are also perfect storage for your make up and toiletries when you are traveling.
The bags, which cost less than £10 are exactly what you want when traveling. They are clear so you can quickly find what you are looking for, and are both waterproof and wipe clean, so if you do experience any spillage in your case, it wont wreck the rest of your belongings.
The bags are seriously stylish, with the ‘Nanshy’ logo across the front, and they are also easy to pack flat if you travel with mini bottles which are then empty and thrown away before you return home.
Wardrobe Additions From TheDressChange
Going on holiday is one time when you really want to add some new pieces to your current wardrobe, to have at least one knockout outfit that will be the highlight of your holiday.But times are tough, and our ever growing eco awareness means we may not be able to afford something special, and may not want to indulge in cheap ‘fast fashion’.
The DressChange could be an answer to this problem.
Most women have items in their wardrobes that either they feel doesn’t suit them, doesn’t fit (weight gain or loss), or that they just didn’t get a chance to return to the store. The DressChange is a womenswear exchange marketplace that makes it possible for women to exchange items (clothes, shoes, accessories) that are no longer suitable for items they want! It is a membership based platform; with a free version offering 1 exchange per month and a paid version offering 5 exchanges for £9 per month. There is a rating system (similar to Uber) out of five stars, as there can be no returns we rely on our users to rate each other. Any users who maintain a rating of 4.75 and over for 3 months will be invited to a free themed event.
I think this is perfect for holiday time. You can use the paid version for £9 and get yourself 5 new pieces to add to your holiday wardrobe. That’s a wardrobe update for just £9. If you are just looking for that one piece, this would be free.
A Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Project Shout
Project SHOUT is a national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. The idea behind the campaign is to make everyone aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and to protect as many people from the silent killer. They are currently running a campaign called ‘Go with CO’, which encourages people to take a CO alarm with them when they are travelling, to ensure they are always CO safe. There have been many stories over the years of families on holidays suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, so this small machine could actually be a life saver.
The FireAngel CO-9X Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a small and portable alarm, which is perfect for travelling. The alarm has a 7-year battery life and features clear LED indicators for power, fault or alarm status.
There is a where to buy section on the Project Shout Website here

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