Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This year’s very late Mother’s Day falls next Sunday, the 31st of March, which means if you haven’t yet picked up your gift you still have some time to get the right thing for that very important lady.

If you need a little more inspiration, or are struggling for ideas, I have collated a few more options that will not break the bank.

Mother and Baby Beauty From Aveeno

Aveeno is a brand that we swear by in our house, as both husband and son suffer from skin dryness. The range uses ingredients derived from nature and activated by science that provide real skincare benefits particularly for skin prone to dryness and chaffing.

The range also has a great collection of ultra gentle skincare products for babies, including bathtime products, ultra skin friendly wipes and moisturisers. These are gentle enough for any skin and lovely for mom and baby to share.

If you are a new mom, then a skincare bundle from Aveeno could make a lovely gift that feels both pampering, and practical.

You can find the complete Aveeno range, along with stockists, on their website here.


Guylian Master’s Selection

Everyone knows Guylian’s iconic seashell chocolates, but there iis so much more to the brand that just praline shells. This Mother’s Day, they have launched a range of stunning mini chocolates called the Master’s Selection, and these are not only beautifully boxed, they are also absolutely delicious – a real chocoholics treat.

The new assortment is made up of 30 mini pralines in 10 delectable flavours, that include Coffee-Cardamom, Ginger-Lime or Caramel with Costa Rican pineapple. Fine ingredients like golden berry or zest of lemon decorate each praline to complete the taste sensation. The Coffee Cardamom and Mocha are my favourites, but the whole collection are delicious and different, and it is hard to stop at eating just one.

Guylian Master Selection
£12.00 Click to visit Moonpig

The Little Theatre on the Seafront by Kate Ginger

If your mom is a bookworm (like me – books are totally my fave sort of gift), then maybe a gorgeous, escapist romantic novel could be the perfect, affordable gift. The Little Theatre on the Seafront, the debut novel by Kate Ginger could certainly fit that bill.

Want to wet the appetite?

When Lottie’s Gran dies she leaves one last request; save Greenley Theatre.

Faced with a decaying building, a mayor who most definitely isn’t on board with the project and a group of actors who just can’t get along, Lottie has her hands full, but with best friend Sid by her side she knows she can do it somehow.

But the arrival of Jeremy, a hotshot London developer who sweeps Lottie off her feet, complicates things. Suddenly Sid gets a new girlfriend, the Greenley Players fall apart, and that crumbling building? Well it crumbles a whole lot more. With no one to turn to, Lottie has to find the courage to save the day.

Will Lottie be able to save the theatre and also follow her heart?

The Little Theatre on the Seafront has been nominated for the Katie Fforde Debut Romantic Novel Award 2019 and is well worth an indulgence.

You can find the ebook here:  and the paperback here:

The Nanshy Masterful Collection

The Nanshy Masterful collection of make up brushes was created by Paula Pokora. Nanshy is a Cruelty-Free & Vegan makeup accessories brand that delivers high-end professional results.
Paula constantly struggled to find a range of brushes and accessories that didn’t aggravate her eczema. The solution was to develop a range of affordable and easy-to-use brushes that help achieve a flawless look. What she created was a fabulous looking, high end spec range that is beautifully gift packaged, making it a perfect gift at any time of the year, but particularly good for mom’s who like their beauty to be on the ethical side.
Masterful Collection Onyx Black Make-up Brush Set £49.95 Click to visit Nanshy


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