Valentine’s Day – Last Minute Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is *whispers it* eight days a way. Yes, in just over a week we will be celebrating all things love and romance. I’m guessing some of you will already have your gift all sorted, just ready to hand over to the love of your life (or at least the current love of your life.) But if you live by the mantra that last minute is hey OK, you might just need my guide to a few Valentine’s gifts that think outside the box.

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A Date Night

Rather than just handing over a card this year, you could actually organise a date night. Whether it be a night at the cinema, a meal in your favourite restaurant, or cocktails in a city centre bar, getting out and about and spending some quality time together is a great idea  (even if it might be better to avoid the night itself, it tends to be busy and overpriced.)

You could build on the gift idea by giving your partner the gift of a t-shirt or polo shirt from the V from Very Range that could be worn on your hot date. A classic black or navy knitted polo top is a classic choice that would look great with jeans and will also be useful as we move into Spring.

But if you can’t go out for a date, maybe struggling for a baby sitter, or due to work commitments, then maybe a movie night, with a takeaway and a bottle of fizz, could be a good substitute. A thoughtful gift in this case could be a pair of pyjamas that can also double as loungewear. Very has a brilliant selection of men’s pyjamas that make you want to stay home and avoid the cold and the hustle and bustle of the world.

A Beauty Hamper

Pampering yourself is always a treat, and so a beauty hamper filled with your favourite products is a thoughtful and useful gift idea. The problem with gift boxes filled with toiletries  is that you don’t always like all the products, so a good solution is to create your own.

Nanshy are a beautiful range of cosmetic brushes that also have an ethical flavour too. Created by Paula Pokora, Nanshy are Cruelty-Free & Vegan makeup accessories that delivers high-end professional results. They are also responsibly sourced, and, for those who like to buy British, the brushes have been designed and tested in the UK, making them a real success story.

Paula constantly struggled to find a range of brushes and accessories that didn’t aggravate her eczema. The solution was to develop a range of affordable and easy-to-use brushes that help achieve a flawless look. One of the most lustworthy sets from the current collection are the Gobsmack Glamorous brush set, a set of five pearlised brushes designed to help you contour and build up your coverage. Beautifully boxed and eminently glam, these brushes are a dream of a gift and would make a good addition to a beauty hamper.
Gobsmack Glamorous Pearlescent White £34.95 Click to visit Nanshy

Favourite products don’t have to mean high end, and your hamper could be a way to try some new products from your favourite brands. Both Sanex and Palmolive have new fragrances out in their bath and body ranges, including the Sanex Dermo Micellar range that is so gentle it can also be used on your face as well as your body.

Palmolive have introduced Aroma Moments which combine oil of macadamia and peony in a non greasy formula that leaves the skin feeling super soft.

You can find both of these products at Tesco and Asda, and can pick them both up for less than £6, a great addition to your beauty hamper.

Click image to visit Tesco
Click image to visit Asda

A Rude Card

If you love to live life on the wild side, and have a particularly rude and outrageous sense of humour, then a rather naughty card from Rude Cards could raise a smile and a blush this Valentine’s day.

Rude cards are the kings of offensive cards, and this year have a great selection of rude Valentines cards for those who would probably puke when faced with hearts and flowers. These cards contain bodily parts, bodily functions and swear words, a lot of swear words, but they are also funny, are made from high quality glossy card, and are sure to raise a smile if you send them to the right person.

Look closely…

The Book of Romance

You may remember the Book of Everyone which I featured in a Christmas gift guide, well how about a Book of Romance for the One you love? Once again you can personalise pages to fit your loved one, and there are fun facts about how you met, your first kiss and facts about romantic things from the year your loved one was born.

You can choose between a hardback or paperback edition, and can change the colour of the cover, along with personalising many of the pages in the book to create something that is unique and romantic and can be treasured forever.

A truly thoughtful gift that is full of love and romance.

Click to visit The Book of Everything

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