How to Regain Your Confidence As a New Mom

Most people view confidence as a destination when in reality, it’s actually a journey that one never really stops traveling. Becoming a mom is one of those times where confidence may seem to be fleeting as you step into a new body and a new role all the while becoming responsible for the well-being of a baby. And the journey to re-establishing confidence may seem lofty, but just because your self-esteem has waned, doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. 

The University of Tilburg in the Netherlands found that self-confidence in pregnant women tanked as their pregnancies progressed and that most moms hadn’t regained their confidence three years after giving birth. While becoming a mom can be such a joyous time for some, the emotional turmoil can take a toll on anyone—regardless of the strength of a woman’s self-esteem. More than 80 percent of mothers experience postpartum depression, which oftentimes diminishes confidence in new mothers. 

On average, it takes new moms six months to get adjusted to motherhood, the Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Journal reports. But it’s critical for new moms to be confident for their own mental health and for the sake of their newborns. The loss of confidence in pregnant women and new mothers could be attributed to the feeling of losing themselves as they prepare to take on a new role. However, we have some advice on how you can embrace being a mom, while also nurturing the person you were before having a baby. 

Reignite Your Passion for Fashion

Moms are busy. They are oftentimes multitasking the needs of their baby and other family members while also finding time and space to prioritize their needs. Crafting a stylish outfit may be the last thing on your mind as you juggle motherhood, but here are some quick tips that can help you dress your best with minimal interruption to your daily routine. If you look good, you feel good, and your personal style could lead the way to building more confidence.

Declutter Your Closet–We all have clothes that have been around for years but haven’t been worn in a while. These styles fill our closets and make picking the perfect outfit difficult when you don’t have much time. When you have time, pluck out old styles that you no longer wear so your closet can serve as inspiration instead of a headache. 

Invest in Pieces That Excite You– As a new mom, your wardrobe is probably in limbo between your style pre-mom and your style now. Visit a plus size boutique where you can find clothes that make you excited to get dressed. 

Identify Simple Statements–When planning out your outfits for the day, look for items in your closet like plus size graphic tees that are simple to pair with anything, but also pack a style punch. These tees pair perfectly with jeans and can be styled up or down depending on the occasion. Another garment that makes a statement with little effort are plus size off the shoulder tops. Easily pair these with skirts, shorts or jeans for a bold, sexy look that will turn your confidence up a notch. 

Plan Your Looks Out Ahead of Time–Getting dressed takes a lot of effort, and it can be an even lengthier process if you put a lot of thought into your outfits. To save time while creating a confidence-infused outfit, style your look the night before. That way, you have your outfit waiting for you the next morning and you don’t have to sacrifice style to accommodate your busy schedule. 

Do More of What You Enjoy

Did you have a hobby before you became a mother that you loved to partake in, but have since sidelined it? Make time to take it up again to fulfill yourself and pay homage to life before your baby. Don’t have a hobby? No problem! Here are some activities that will help you connect with yourself and boost confidence. 

Practice Yoga–Yoga is a great way to unplug, relax and dive deeper into your inner thoughts. Practicing yoga is a great way to get in touch with your body, boost flexibility and enhance wellness in new moms. If you’re feeling nervous about jumping into a class full of experienced yogis, search for a beginner’s class or a class specifically designed for new moms. 

Take a Dance Class–Dance classes for adults have become more trendy and accessible in recent years, and they can also provide an instant dose of confidence. Connect with your body and let your hair down because moms deserve to feel sexy and radiant, too!

Find Your Tribe

New mothers need a strong support system in place where they feel safe to share and explore their feelings, while also having people to unwind with. 

Plan a Routine Date Schedule–Getting out of the house with your partner—minus the baby—can be critical to reconnecting to your pre-baby self. It’s also important to make time to hang out with friends. Make dates with your partner and your friends a part of your weekly schedule to remind you of what makes you excited about life. 

Join a Network–Look for new mommy groups both locally and online that can help you connect with other moms who understand exactly what you are going through. These networks can be so fulfilling and comforting. You’re not the only one experiencing motherhood and seeking to build confidence, and it can be beneficial to be reminded of that. 

Is Therapy an Option?–Therapy can be really beneficial for new moms as it can serve as a safe space to candidly share their feelings and explore new coping mechanisms. With a deeper understanding of self comes confidence. 

Remember: Confidence is a journey, and you’re on the right path!


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