Improve The Look of Your Home With The Restoration Group

uPVC windows and doors are the number one choice of most home owners when it comes to security, appearance and resilience. uPVC is hard wearing, and so it is a good investment when it comes to improving the look of your home, plus it has a modern feel and is also easy to wipe clean, making it a practical choice. It also helps to make your home more economical in terms of heating bills, keeping the warmth inside your home rather than allowing it to escape in a way that wooden frames had done. Clearly uPVC is a sensible choice.

But it is also an expensive one, and although the frames are durable and long lasting, it does not mean that the appearance doesn’t deteriorate and that the windows and doors will start to get tired. Years spent being subjected to the worst of British Weather, the wind and rain and snow, as well as the odd sunny day, plus also suffering from the effects of environmental pollution, all this can make your bright and shining uPVC look dull and faded, and, quite frankly dated. But there is something you can do to restore the original lustre, and it doesn’t require you to replace your windows totally.  However, if you are looking for premium Restoration Windows to guarantee durability, you need to know that it is not only about high-quality materials. A convenient windows installation also requires the expertise to identify where to place them to get the most out of your inversion.

The Restoration Group offer a uPVC paint spraying service that is suitable for both windows and doors. They can tackle jobs both big and small (they also transform conservatories too) and can change the look of the outside of your home by moving away from the standard white shade that most uPVC comes in, to a range of colourful shades including black, blue and the very popular anthracite grey shade that is becoming a bit of a favourite – it looks so stylish.

Painting uPVC Windows is something that I honestly didn’t think you could do, but provided your windows are clean and prepared thoroughly beforehand, and the frames are treated to make sure the paint adheres to the frame, the effects can be stunning – just like having new frames fitted, but at a fraction of the price. You still have all the durability of your uPVC, and this will last for years, but you now have frames that look modern and attractive, and like they are brand new.

If you are looking to approve the appearance of the outside of your house, paint spraying of all that tired uPVC could be just the thing.


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