Instagrammable Travel Destinations

The rise of the Instagrammer, particularly those who feature travel and destination photography has seen a definite shift in our holiday choices. We are no longer just tempted by the brochure, or word of mouth from friends when we are choosing where to visit, but no also have the added temptation of stunning places that feature on the Instagram feed of our favourite accounts. After all, caring is sharing, so in our current climate it we like to share the wonderful places we have visited and the super experiences we have enjoyed there.

Instagram has made places like Mauritius, with its white sandy unspoilt beaches, clear blue seas and genuine look of paradise, a highly attractive destination, particularly with honeymooners who want the beauty and romance without the crowds. You can find great deals for Indian Ocean breaks in Mauritius through including wonderful honeymoon and wedding breaks.

So what makes a place instagrammable?

Culture and Heritage

Places that are rich in history and heritage are always a fabulous draw for instagrammers. These are the sort of places that are filled with fantastic, interesting buildings just crying out to be photographed.

One such place is Paphos in Cyprus, which is the site of fascinating archeological ruins that are incredible in their preservation, and perfect for photo opps.

But history and Culture doesn’t have to be limited to the ancient past, in Limassol I was excited to see Art Deco buildings from the 1930s, another photo opportunity.

Similarly, the beautiful tiled buildings of Portugal may not be hundreds of years old, but they are still highly photogenic and definitely worth a snap or two.

Coastliine and Blue Seas

When you travel on holiday, the chances are you are looking forward to spending some time lazing on a beautiful beach, starring at the ocean, and hoping you never have to come home.  Glorious coastlines, rugged cliffs and white sandy beaches all show off nature at her very best, and prove to be totally instagrammable. Of course, some people also put themselves in the shot (those famous sausage legs photos are often on a sun lounger on some beach or another, but the best shots are the ones where you can totally imagine yourself there.

Other Instagram Favourites

Other Instagram favourites from seasoned travellers include gorgeous colourful sunsets, local wildlife and flora and fauna and interesting shopping including local markets and artisan products. Cocktails and food are also popular, and even photographs taken out of the aeroplane window, all these add to your picture of a place, and help to sell it to others.