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Keep These in Mind When Looking for Family-Friendly Luxury Hotels and Resorts

The family offerings in luxury resorts continue to improve with time. There are numerous great choices that include amenities that are family-friendly. Here we look at some of the considerations you should make when looking for a luxury resort or hotel when you go on vacation with your family.

Size of the rooms

One of the main things to look at when looking for a luxury hotel for you and your family is the size of the room. Standard rooms in European cities such as Paris are usually under 250 feet. For an average-size family of three, this may not be sufficient. You might be better off going for a suite, which can easily accommodate a family of this size.

You might think that a suite costs a lot more, but you’ll be surprised to find out that the difference is not that huge, especially if you compare it to the value you’re getting for the small added cost. In fact, some suites are designed with families in mind and come with 2 bedrooms as well as great additional amenities such as a terrace on which kids can play.

Kids’ clubs

With supervised kids’ clubs, you can enjoy additional convenience during your holiday because you and your spouse can enjoy adult facilities such as the spa as your children happily enjoy fun activities created for them around the hotel. Additionally, modern luxury hotels have also created offerings for preteen and teenage children.

Great cultural experiences

You want to pick luxury family resorts that will provide exceptional cultural experiences for the entire family. Ideally, the destination should give every member of your family an opportunity to get a taste of diverse cultural activities among other attractions distinct to the vacation destination. Try and get a luxury hotel that offers parents VIP experiences.


It is likely that different members of your family wake up at different times. It is therefore important to work out the breakfast routines beforehand, such as in-room dining or restaurant opening times. Some luxury hotels include breakfast in some of their packages so look into it to determine whether it works for your budget.

Find out what type of breakfast is provided: is it to be taken at the restaurant or brought to your room? Is it a buffet or continental breakfast? These are some of the questions you should ask.

Baby gear

Many of the best luxury hotels offer some variation of baby gear, which may include baby bottle warmers, high chairs, strollers, etc. All you need to do is request for these beforehand. Such offerings are usually listed on the websites of the hotels. It’s best that you get in touch with the hotel prior to booking to find out what baby essentials are provided.

Easy access to the resort or hotel

Location is an essential aspect when it comes to family vacations. This is especially important if you plan on doing some exploring in city destinations with your family.


David S. Herr has been a passionate explorer and global traveler since his college days. He likes to share the experiences he gained and tips he’s learned with other travel enthusiasts. The topics he writes about include finding reasonably priced luxury family resorts.

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