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For many of us, holiday season is coming to an end. We have enjoyed our long summer breaks and are now looking forward to all the things that Autumn brings. But whilst our actual Summer holidays are becoming distant memories, Autumn is still a time for travel, with mini breaks, festivals like Oktoberfest and then the joy of Christmas breaks ranging from the Northern Lights, to those fabulous festive markets, and mini breaks to Disneyland Paris and Lapland.

What all these breaks have in common is that for the majority of us, these are the hand luggage only breaks. With charges for carrying baggage in the hold, we are now traveling lighter than ever (with the possible exception of Beyonce and the Beckham’s) and aim to have carry on luggage that is not only free to take on board, but also avoids the waiting at the carousel allowing our holiday to truly start the minute we land.

Know the dimensions of your case

If you have never traveled hand luggage only, there are a few things you need to be aware of. that may help you travel easier. The most important is to know what size bag or case you are allowed to take onboard, particularly if you are traveling with a notorious budget airline like Ryanair and Easyjet. Currently you are allowed a bag/case of around 55 x 40 x 20 cm. This is an average and you really should check with your operator. You can purchase cases that are clearly labeled as cabin luggage and are able to fit into the average overhead locker, but again, check those dimensions so you don’t fave unnecessary problems at the airport.

Left Luggage

If you are traveling from country to country and maybe accumulating more ‘stuff’. then it may be worth looking into a left luggage facility where you can safely store belongings until you return. These are often able to ship your goods separately, allowing you to enjoy shopping, but also being able to travel light.

Pack Carefully

Packing lightly means just that, look carefully at the items you pack and try to pick things that are multifunctional and cover all bases. Don’t overpack your case, cabin luggage will still have a weight allowance – usually under 10 kilos, and needs to be able to fasten without bulging at the edges, which could mean your case no longer fits into the overhead locker. In additon, make sure the bag is secure, you really don’t want your smalls falling out at 40,000 feet do you.

Excess Baggage Company are currently compiling their own hints and tips for traveling hand baggage only. You can add your own and follow the trend by looking out for the hashtag #KnowYourLuggage on social media.

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