The use of CBD is on the rise in all the states of America and the world at large. Currently, the global CBD industry net worth is 1.3 billion dollars, which is expected to rise by 25% by the year 2024. Thus, it is evident that CBD is becoming readily accessible to most consumers. However, there exist several companies and farmers who sell low-quality CBD products. Hence you must find the right CBD dealers.


If you are a regular CBD consumer, the high chances are that you know the difference between high-quality and low-quality cannabidiol products. Suppose you are looking for the perfect producer of hemp, Koi CBD may be your ultimate solution. It is a California-based organization established in the year 2015 to produce standard CBD products. The company aims at erasing the low-quality CBD products that are flooding the market. Following the statement of the Koi CEO Brent Brunner, several organizations are making a profit off products that either contains low amounts of cannabidiol or no hemp at all. Koi is here to benefit consumers by distributing high-quality CBD with pure hemp extract.

Why Choose Koi CBD

Excellent Quality

As mentioned before, Koi CBD is ranked among the top CBD organizations, maybe the best. The company produces CBD products with 99% pure hemp extracted from the plant. Unlike the standard CBD, which contains 0.03% of THC, Koi claims that its cannabidiol contains 0% tetrahydrocannabinol. This is made possible by pharma-grade processing done in a cGMP facility. The high-end processing produces the finest and purest hemp available in the current market. Koi is also one of the most recommended cannabidiol organization in many health and fitness websites.

Brilliant Service

Koi CBD is not solely a profit-oriented organization. For that reason, the staff members offer free education about hemp to consumers. Therefore, as a CBD customer, you will be able to select your best preference before making a purchase. Koi CBD employees are always ready to explain the variety of products they have and which is the best concerning your objective. According to one of the customer reviews concerning Koi CBD, the organization has brilliant customer support. The company’s review page does not have any bad reviews linked to customer service. The Koi CBD team also notifies new customers about the source of their CBD, which is a single farm in Colorado.

Lab Testing

One of the common challenges that CBD consumers face is differentiating high quality and inferior standard CBD products. At Koi CBD, customers get satisfied because they have the freedom to witness lab tests before they purchase the products. The lab tests check the purity, safety, and consistency of the products.

Diversity of Products

Koi CBD is a top producer for a variety of hemp products. The most popular include CBD healing balms, full-spectrum tincture, natural sprays, creams, capsules, edibles, and lotions, among others. In short, CBD accommodates every CBD consumer in terms of purpose. Some products are for health benefits, while others are excellent for fitness activities. In conjunction with that, the company also distributes recreational products such as CBD joints and cigarettes, which come in several flavors and textures of the hemp wraps.

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