La Marquise Bow Embrace Robe From UK Lingerie

The best sort of robe/dressing gown feels like a warm hug. It is there when you step out of the bath, or out of bed on the coldest of mornings, when all you really want to do is get back in again. It is a comfort blanket when you are not feeling your best, or are hungover, or have just decided to have a duvet day. The La Marquise Bow Embrace Robe from UK Lingerie totally fits the bill for all of the above requirements, and it is super pretty too. Pretty perfect in fact.

UK Lingerie is well known for its beautiful range of underwear, but less well known is that it also has a stunning range of nightwear. The La Marquise Bow Embrace Robe is a gorgeous dressing gown with a tie belt that is quite possibly, the softest, snuggliest item you will ever have in your wardrobe. Currently, it is only available in the light pink with black bows option, but I have this in the opposite colourway, and it is just gorgeous, soft and warm and really, really girly.

The dressing gown has a soft hood and is oversized, with a tie belt that makes it adjustable in terms of size (perfect for those bloated, time of the month days) or if you are giving it as a gift, and are not sure of size. It has two large pockets and the bow design is really lovely, giving it an almost retro, 1950s style feel to the print.

Whether you just want to keep this until bed time, wear it when you are having a pampering session, or want to wear it all day for the ultimate in comfort, this is a gorgeous robe that you will really enjoy wearing (it is too nice to keep until bedtime). It costs £35 and UK Lingerie offer free worldwide shipping so go on, treat yourself!




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