Loom Footwear – Review And Competition

The days when women’s trainers were just worn for sports and running have long since past, today our trainers are a part of our wardrobe that we wear every single day – with jeans, with tea dresses, with shorts, with skirts. We also wear them whatever our age, as the style,comfort and convenience of being able to wear something that not only looks cool, but actually allows us to walk for miles cannot be underestimated. My most recent pair of trainers are from Loom Footwear, and these are a stayfresh pair that fit like a glove and are light enough to feel like I’m wearing a pair of slippers.

The main selling point of Loom’s trainers (sneakers) are that they are waterproof, so therefore suitable for every aspect of British weather. They are also breathable and temperature regulating, which means that even if you are wearing them for hours, they will not feel hot and sweaty, and nor should they become the cliched ‘smelly trainers’. They are also anti bacterial, which means even hours of wearing will not lead to the horrible foot fungal infections that can be a by product for trainer wearers.

So Loom trainers are practical and help to look after your feet, but there is so much more to the designs than just that. They are just so comfortable! Part of this is due to the use of Merino wool to line the inner layers which make them so soft. Loom explains:-

We use 100% merino wool, the highest performance fabric of the 21st Century. This ultra-fine material strickes a balance between high-tech functionalitycomfort & protection to support your active lifestyle.

Its fabric and moisture-wicking properties also protect against blisters, calluses, irritation, and athlete’s foot — with or without socks.

The thing I love about Loom footwear is that the trainers/sneakers are just so light to wear. Pick them up and they literally feel like nothing, and this means they are so easy to wear. Many trainers are big and bulky and that is exactly the way they feel on, putting lots of pressure on your knees if you are wearing them for long periods – this is the exact opposite of how Loom feel. This is deliberate, they have been designed by podiatrists to maximize energy return and  absorb shock, protecting your ankles, shins, and knees from hard terrain and rough surfaces. They are also great on all surfaces, as the soles are non slip – I’ve not tested them out yet in Winter, but I’m pretty sure ice and snow would not phase them, particularly as they are waterproof.

Loom Footwear has it all, comfort, style and the convenience of being something you can easily wear all day long, great if you are constantly on your feet. They come true to size (I am wearing a UK size 5), and come in black and white shades.

Competition Time

I have a pair of Loom girls trainers in UK size 2.5 (US size 5) in white to give away. UK entries only. Enter below.

Loom Girls Trainers GIveaway



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