Losing Weight Post Lockdown

One consequence of the Covid 19 pandemic is that a lot of us (myself included) have gained weight. A combination of being stuck in for long periods of time, not having to leave the house to work, or do the school run, or shopping on the High Street and literally finding our active life shrunk has seen those pounds pile on. Add into that the fact that eating has been one pleasure that has remained for us, and that a cake always starts to make things look better and we have clear reasons why we’ve added the pounds.

But as we move towards a post lockdown age, we may well decide to do something about this. However Gyms and organised classes remain closed, going out is still more about the queues than the exercise, and the good weather has seemed more like an excuse to chill than exercise, so what else can we be doing to get back to our fighting weight?

Some Medical Help

Reputable weight loss drugs can help if you are overweight with a dangerous BMI and you have sought medical advice and have a prescription. Even though it is currently quite hard to see your own doctors, you can find a good, registered online pharmacy to help you in this matter. Currently, Orlistat is being used to treat obesity by blocking one-third of the fat digested and prevent the fat being absorbed. It is available to people with a BMI over 30, or between 28-30 with another underlying health issue that can be worsened by being overweight, such as diabetes. It is a prescription only item and you will need an online consultation before it can be prescribed, but combined with a healthy lifestyle it can achieve really good results.

Start Writing Things Down

Studies have shown that people who journal and write down everything they eat have more success in losing weight and keeping it off. There are two components to a successful food journal.

One, you want to write how you are feeling each day and the various activities you do. How did you feel when you chose to eat the apple versus the chocolate? What was going through your head when you couldn’t stop at just one chip? Try to get in tune with your though processes as you make the choices you make. Look for patterns over time so you can try strategies to help you avoid making mistakes and making healthy choices.

The other component to a successful journal is to write every bite down. This means each snack, taste, and spoonful you take. You can count your portions in whatever way works for you, but make sure you write them down and are being accurate.

Simplify Your Diet

We spend so much time thinking about food – planning meals, shopping, preparing. It can be overwhelming and exhausting. Try to stick to several meals that you rotate over a few days, but keep them the same.

One other way you can simplify your diet is to use meal replacements that allow you to not have to think about what you are going to be eating. A plan that replaces two meals per day still allows you to eat a meal and enjoy some time in the kitchen.

Get Enough Sleep

Scientists have discovered a relationship between weight gain and sleep deprivation. Buy new pillows and crisp sheets, set your air conditioner at 69F and try to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night. Some people may need more. Aim for the amount that makes you feel rested where you can wake up without the alarm.

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