Making Your Kitchen Child Friendly

For most families, the kitchen is the most popular, and busiest room in the house, a hub of activity whether it comes to cooking for the family, or enjoying a coffee and a chat around an island unit. But when you have younger children, your kitchen can almost feel like a minefield, with so many hazards and dangers for young ones, without the endless task of keeping it clean with constant sticky fingers around.

Here are some of my hints and tips for keeping your kitchen safe and practical whilst your kiddies are young.

Kitchen Splashbacks

The key to your kitchen splashbacks has to be wipe clean. Splashes and stains from food can totally change the look of your room, you want something that is low maintenance and will look great with just a wipe over with the anti bacterial spray.

The bespoke splashbacks from Express Glass Warehouse come in toughened glass for that extra bit of safety and durability, but can also come in a range of colours that will help make your kitchen a bright and stylish place. They are resistant to stains and the dreaded grease, and will help your kitchen be the room you want to spend time in.

Wipe Clean Units

In the same way that your splashbacks are susceptible to stains, spills and splashes, it is also true for your units, which also have the bonus of sticky fingers looking for crisps and snacks. Look for doors that have finishes that are easy to clean, wood often looks beautiful but tens to be difficult when it comes to stains (we have a hardwood work top and speak from bitter experience…). Shiny, gloss surfaces may look impractical, but are often the easiest to clean as they are simple to wipe down.  It would also be smart to get a water filter so that your family is not drinking chemicals like fluoride and chlorine.

Locks on those doors

If you have younger children wondering in and out of your kitchen, you need to ensure that there are locks on the doors and drawers. My son Joe was tall for a toddler and could easily reach up and pull open drawers, and as these often contain cutlery, these definitely need to be secured. Cupboard doors should also be secured, not just because of what might be stored inside, but because a child could get hurt pulling the door open to sharply.

Draw and cupboard locks are easy to fix and give that piece of mind you need.

Watch those tiles

Highly polished floor tiles can look incredible, but can be deadly when wet, a real hazard in a kitchen. I would suggest either a matt or vinyl tile as a safer option, less slippy, still easy to clean, and they still look good too so it is at no real cost to style.

What tips do you have for a safe and yet still stylish kitchen?