New Body, New Look!

As moms, our bodies change a lot over the years: pregnancy can alter the size and shape of your body, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be permanent.  Whether through diet and exercise or surgery, you can get back to your pre-baby body – and look even better than you did before!

Exercise and good nutrition are key aspects of losing the baby weight, but sometimes it’s just not enough – you may be left with loose skin after weight loss, or a ‘mommy pouch’ after a C-section.  In these instances, surgery can help. The best plastic surgeon in Scottsdale says that a tummy tuck or liposuction are two of the best options to consider.   But what do you do once you’ve got your new body? Loose fitting yoga pants and a baggy top are often a moms’ go-to outfit – but even after you’re back to a body you’re happy with it can be hard to find your style again, so here are some top tips:

Try on Everything

If possible, try to find a couple of hours that you can spend either by yourself, or with a trusted friend who will give you an honest opinion.  Go out, not with the intention of buying a lot of items, but of trying on many, many things. If you are able to get an appointment with a personal stylist, so much the better – many department stores will offer this service either for free, or for a small charge which is often redeemable against any purchases.  The idea is that you try on anything and everything. Don’t be put off by a style or color that you wouldn’t usually try, and make sure to try different sizes. If your shape has changed ,then you may need a different dress size to before.  It can be intimidating trying a new style, but unless you give it a go you’ll never know if it works for you.

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Be Practical

Be realistic, do you have the time to take clothes to be dry-cleaned? When choosing clothes, look for items that can be thrown in with the normal washing load, with bonus points if you can tumble dry them and not have to iron them afterwards to look presentable.

Find Your Uniform

Once you find a style that works for you, make your life easy and buy a few different color or fabric options.  Moms often don’t have a lot of time in a morning to pick out their outfit, but if you know what works for you and you’ve got variations of it in your wardrobe, then it makes life so much easier.

Out with The Old

When you’ve replenished your wardrobe with your new clothes, donate your old ones. Afterall, you don’t need them anymore and they won’t show off your new figure that you’ve worked so hard for!

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  1. Some great tips here, my bodys gone through some immense changes as I’ve lost over 8 stone and I’ve recently had a baby! I’m still trying to find what suits my new shape but having lots of fun shopping!

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