Pizza and Cider at The Stable, Birmingham

The sun was shining on the hottest day of the year, so what better time to take part in a special blogger event at one of Birmingham’s newest food destinations?  The Stable specialises in pizza and pies, all of which contain local produce as much as possible, and have fabulous, locally inspired names. The Stable group also serve a great array of ciders to accompany your food, making dining a delicious rustic experience.



The Stable is a cool, industrial style venue, with benches and neon signs (my favourite proclaiming that this is Birmingham’s Cathedral to Cider). The menu is unusual and fun, with dishes like ‘The Bournville Bantam’ and ‘TheLonghorn Jim’ all giving a nod to the history and culture of Birmingham. There is also seating outside, perfect for enjoying any one of the 80 Cider’s (Yes that does say 80!) that The Stable offers on beautiful, sunny days.



We started the day with a really interesting talk and taste session with Alan from Hogan’s Cider. There were lots of opportunity to taste a variety of flavours that ranged from very strong Scrumpy types (a bit of an acquired taste), to bottled fizzy varieties and even a cider brandy that would be just gorgeous on a cold Winter’s night. The ciders had weird and wonderful names like ‘Hazy Daisy’ and ‘French Revelation’ and showed the range and depth in flavour you can find if you steer clear of the flavoured brands on offer in supermarkets and many pubs and bars.




After drinking far too much Cider on an almost empty stomach, it was time to indulge in the other passion of The Stable – Pizza. But, this being a bloggers event, there was an actual chance to get into the kitchen and prepare our own. The base and sauce was thankfully done so we then chose our own toppings and had a go at getting the base into the huge ovens (not as easy as it sounds when the base is so thin – just the way I like my pizzas.)




I chose cheese, peppers, roasted onions and spinach for my pizza, which, after just 3 minutes in the oven, was ready and tasted absolutely delicious (even if I say so myself).  There were so many choices of cheese that could be added to the pizza, along with all the other toppings I literally was spoilt for choice, but loved the pizza I made – I had to rush off so scoffed it on the train!




The Stable is a great addition to the Birmingham food scene, and one which I will be trying again very soon. The chilled atmosphere and great food makes it a must visit next time you’re in the city.




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