Planning the Holiday of a Lifetime

When someone asks you what your dream holiday looks like, you may picture a beautiful island with sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and an endless supply of fruity cocktails. However, for others this could be travelling to Egypt to discover the wonders of the pyramids. Everyone’s idea of the holiday of a lifetime differs, but we can offer you some general advice on how to go about planning yours. 


Well in advance of booking your dream holiday, it is vital that you save up enough money. This will put your mind at ease that you do not have to raise a certain amount prior to the final balance being due, but it will also allow you to make a sensible decision about where to visit. 


If you have young family, it is likely that you will want to be taking them along with you, so ensure you choose a hotel or resort which is suitable for the age of your children. Making the holiday exciting for them as well as you is a major consideration. Investing in something fun like family vacation shirts can add yet another memorable element to this holiday. If it is just going to be you and a partner or a group of friends, you can certainly make very different decisions. 


Where you choose to visit may take a lot of discussion as a family to come up with a final location on which you all agree. Take into account the time of year you will be visiting and the weather they will experience in that month. If it is monsoon season, you may be best considering a visit at a different time of year or a different destination altogether. Travelling to the middle of nowhere might work well if you are happy to simply relax next to a pool all day. However, if you are keen to take part in adventurous activities, you will need to change your search terms. 


Make sure you pack your luggage at least a few days before hand and be sure to try on outfits you haven’t worn since your last holiday to check they still fit and are appropriate. Although sun cream and insect repellent, for example, are both available abroad, pack your usual brand to avoid possible allergic reactions. Always check the weight and size of your bags to be certain you won’t get stung for an extra wodge of money at the airport. If that happens, you may find yourself missing out on things you were keen to buy or do.

Last-minute preparation

Ensure you have your tickets, passports, driving licences (particularly important if you are hiring a car) and any other essential documentation packed in your hand luggage (check the sizing on this too). Many flights will allow you to check in online in advance, so be sure you have worked out your options and decided how you will progress. If you are taking young children with you, be prepared with plenty of boredom-busting games, colouring books and fully-charged electronic devices.