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Preparation for Your Family Road Trip

If you’ve never been on a family road trip before, you probably aren’t aware of what’s to come. Taking too much along the journey means having to lug it around, whereas taking too little can become costly and time consuming along the way.

That’s just the packing! What about keeping everyone happy during long distances or where to stop for rests? Those who have been on a family road trip in the past have the benefit of hindsight and know just how important preparation is, to make the most of your road trip when it arrives.

That’s where this short guide from Autoclick comes in handy. Find out everything you need to know about preparing for your upcoming family road trip and you’re bound to have a great time!

  1.  What size car are you going to need?

If your car is just about big enough for you and your family on a school run, the chances are you’re going to need something bigger for your road trip. The same applies for if you’re planning a long trip away from home.

Begin your preparations by thinking about whether or not you will require a rental car and consider the options available. Research what car rental providers are available where you’re heading and look at the range of vehicles they have on offer.

Try to secure your vehicle at least one month before your trip, to make sure you have plenty of options in terms of size, make, model and drive.

Top Tip: You should be able to stack everything you’re taking with you without restricting the driver’s view, so make sure you opt for a car that will allow you to do this. That way, you and your family can enjoy a safe road trip.

  1. Write a list of things to bring

Create a list of absolutely everything you plan to take with you, at least a week before you go. This should give you plenty of time to group everything together, as well as head out to grab anything you might need to buy beforehand.

Add a little tick next to each item once it’s out and piled up with other things that need packing. Then, cross each item off the list once it’s packed into whatever suitcases or bags you’re taking with you. This gives the opportunity to double check you have everything!

  1. Stock up on emergency items

Whether it’s a spare tyre and jack, extra bottles of water, a first aid kit, or even toilet paper for unexpected stop offs. Prepare Now is an emergency survivalist store where you can stock up on all the essential emergency items you need. Make sure you take anything that could be used in case of emergency. By missing out this step, you could find yourself in a difficult situation. Either that, or you could end up paying much more at petrol or service stations in the middle of nowhere, than you would have done at the supermarket back home.


  1. Take both a sat nav and a map

Although a sat nav is great for getting around and following the right route, a map will come in handy, too! Not only are they crucial in cases where your sat nav packs up, but they are great for planning stops along the route.

With some careful planning, you can mark on your map anywhere you’d like stop for meals or to fill up on fuel, as well as great sightseeing locations on the route. You could also mark off where to stop for a rest from driving, to keep your road trip as safe as possible.

Top Tip: Your organisation could even go one step further, with some colour coding for each reason to stop!


  1. Don’t forget the entertainment!

This goes without saying, especially if you’re travelling with younger children who tend to get agitated and bored on long distance journeys. It could be audiobooks and music playlists, films and TV shows on the tablet or portable DVD player, or even various different games you can all play together.

Think about what you can enjoy together and save a spot for it in your car to make the road trip stress free and even more enjoyable.

If you’ve been on a family road trip, why not share your tips and tricks with us? You never know, your advice could prepare others for the best road trip possible!

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  • Sarah Irving | The Urban Wanderer

    Some great tips there. We road trip for camping holidays all the time and can fit everything into my little 1996 Corsa. I recommend planning what you’ll need (including any meals that you’ll be having) as it saves time when you’re travelling and enjoying your time away. I’d also say prepare for wearing layers and don’t take too much stuff. Most of it you won’t need.

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