Simple Ways to Make Your High Street Wedding Dress Look Expensive

Now that wedding season is on the horizon again, blushing brides all over will be looking to magazines, websites and Pinterest for bridal gown inspiration. Certainly, due to the pandemic, budget constraints may now be the normal. It is no longer in poor taste to don an affordable alternative to the lush gowns that grace many bridal storefronts and publications. High Street wedding dresses are one such affordable option. 

Why Buy a High Street Wedding Dress?

With financial belts tightening across the globe, smaller intimate weddings are all the rage, as are bridal gowns or suits that don’t break the bank. Cheaper alternative wedding dresses can still be opulent, elegant and breath taking – all you need is to add your own touch and a little pizzazz. Create your dream wedding dress by incorporating your own style and a touch of glamour to it.

You can still make guests gasp with delight and bring a tear to your groom’s eyes when walking down the aisle or to the courtroom. So, gather your best girlfriends, find your bargain dress and make it look like a big-budget masterpiece. Half the fun is sharing this special time with your nearest and dearest while saving money for your honeymoon or mortgage. Reviewing what your options are is essential to save money. In the end, it is up to you what you would like to do; either you can buy the dress that tailors what you are after or rent it. For that, you can hire a dress in Melbourne, where dedicated designers are based and willing to guide you through such tasks.

Five Reasons to Opt for a High Street Wedding Dress

  1. Budget friendly dresses won’t bankrupt you. Invest the money in something you will need post-wedding. Choose to complete your diploma, open a savings account or use the extra dosh for a relaxing holiday. 
  2. You are unlikely to wear your wedding dress again, think of the return on investment. How many brides do you know of that have worn their bridal gowns more than once? Probably none. It is highly unlikely your offspring will want to wear a hand-me-down garment and the second hand market won’t be fruitful either as the market is flooded with sellers. Plus, if you accidentally stain the dress during your ceremony or reception, no one will want it.
  3. You are bound to find the style and look you desire. The options are endless, whether you prefer a vintage look or a modern twist, high street dresses have every look and style covered, in all sizes too!
  4. Ready-to-wear options can be tailored to fit you like a glove. If you lose some pounds before the big day, take your dress to a seamstress to take it in or alter the length to your wishes. 
  5. High street dresses can be purchased online or in-store. Shopping online from the comfort of your couch removes the stress of store hopping. If you prefer to make a day of it, start off with some bubbles and take your entourage shopping with you. It is totally possible to share your special day with your best friends either way.

Ten Ways to Make Your High Street Dress Appear Expensive

  1. Add a diamante belt or sash. Highlight your waist with bling to give the appearance of a lush gown. A tasteful touch like a diamante beaded sash can add length and movement to an otherwise simple cut.
  2. Add or remove sleeves. Play around with the idea of sleeves versus no sleeves, a seamstress can easily add sleeves to a summer dress to make it warmer for the colder months. 
  3. Tailor your dress to your body. Baggy, extremely tight or ill-fitting garments automatically make them seam cheap. Ensure your dress fits you like a glove. 
  4. Accessorise. Give the illusion that your dress is expensive with tasteful accessories such as quality jewellery, shoes or a faux fur throw.
  5. Look the part. Have your hair and makeup professionally done and focus on a graceful posture when you wear your wedding dress. Acting the part adds class immediately.
  6. Shapewear. Ensure your dress fits well with the use of clever shapewear which can assist you with confidence in the places you think you need it most. 
  7. Steam your dress. Wrinkled or creased garments may come off as cheap which is why it is best to ensure your dress is clean and steamed a few days before your big day. A steamed dress hangs and fits better anyway. Check your dress two days beforehand to make sure you have not missed any scuff marks you can clean beforehand.
  8. Never go overboard. Resist the urge to add too many beads, diamante studs or excessive amounts of jewellery. Too much of a good thing can come off as classless. Keep it simple and elegant.
  9. Add satin gloves and a brooch. Statement pieces that are tastefully added can make your high street wedding dress look priceless. 
  10. Invest in a good anti-perspirant. Unsightly sweat marks on your dress will detract from the beauty and allure of your dress so be sure to pack in some roll-on for the big day.

As you can see high street wedding dresses can easily be made to look more expensive than they actually are.  If you’re in need of some ideas, take a look at the For Better For Worse website.  They have created a run down of the best wedding dresses available on British high streets to make the search easier.

At the end of the day, the result should be a beautiful dress you feel confident and comfortable in. Taking the time to add personal touches to your garment is a great way to build up excitement that you can savour, in the lead up to your big day.

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