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Skribbies – A cute idea in Kids shoes

Easter half term saw an exciting new development open in Birmingham’s Bullring, with POP UP Birmingham giving space and a showcase to a range of 80 new designers for a period of 8 weeks. One of the first companies to take up space in the new store was fabulous children’s footwear brand Skribbies, which offers light up LED shoes on their company website among many other children’s footwear options.

Skribbies are the innovative range of kids trainers that can be drawn on. The idea of young entrepreneur Jennifer Duthie, Skribbies were launched last year and have been a huge hit with parents and children alike. The premise is simple, the Skribbie is a comfortable. hard-wearing hi-top trainer that has been made in a very special, wipe clean material that allows your kids to get creative. Each pair of trainers come with their own set of 6 pens that can be used to draw designs on the trainer. In addition, the trainers also come with some cute Skribbies monster stickers that can also be stuck on, and then easily removed for each new design. Children can change their designs again and again, simply by wiping the trainers clean with the wristband that comes in the box.

The Skribbies Store in Pop Up Birmingham
Joe’s choice – neon!

DSCN6943I was invited to take Joe to a special bloggers event to celebrate the launch of the Skribbies Pop-up in Birmingham. At the event, Joe was very excited to be gifted his very own pair of Skribbies and proceeded to set about decorating them straight away. I had chosen the neon option, but there were also pink and blue choices. (Click here to look at the other options). Joe was really impressed that he was actually able to draw (or at least scribble!) on his shoes, and enjoyed doing this. He also loved the stickers, re-arranging them to get them just right. From a parents point of view, I was impressed by how well they fitted Joe, and the fact they seemed to be comfortable straight away, brilliant when you have a little boy who complains that everything except his Nikes are too tight…

Joe sets to work.
Loving his trainers – I think the design is very hip hop!

Once he was happy with the design, Joe put his Skribbies on, and then refused to take them back off again – wanting to wear them for the rest of his shopping trip.He has since rubbed off his initial design, and added boatsdrawings to his Skribbies. The pen wipes off really easily, and the cute wrist band just adds to the sporty look.

I got chance to chat to Skribbies Jennifer about the designs, and was really interested to learn that there may well be tie-ins  related to football and TV/Films in the future. This is a lovely brand with a great idea that I really do think will be going places in the coming years.

Joe’s first design completed.
Skribbies Stickers and wrist band.
Proud Joe with his design.


Skribbies cost £39.99 and come in sizes UK 10 TO UK3.

With thanks to Jennifer from Skribbies and Dani Knapp at Need to Know PR.


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