Studio Quality Headphones From Sudio

In terms of style, in terms of a status symbol, and certainly in terms of technology, the earphones you choose to use as a much a part of your look and image as your bag and shoes. And whether you opt for small, plug in style earphones, or large Beats style earphones, you are looking for the best in terms of sound quality, as well as an item that will also be practical for the commute or travelling. So maybe you need to check out Sudio.

Sudio are from Scandinavia. They specialise in producing minimalistic Scandinavian style earphones with Studio quality. They successfully combine both function and fashion in a timeless design to make their products an accessory suitable for every occasion and lifestyle! In short, they understand that style is just as important as substance when it comes to our technology, and that our music and listening equipment deserves the best.

The Regent ll wireless earphones in white are stylish, light and comfortable. They have a foldable design which makes them compact enough to keep in your handbag after the commute. They are durable and easy to fold when not in use, they are also adjustable. They are also sweat resistant, which is brilliant if you like to listen to your music when you are running or at the gym.

These earphones are wireless, and are easy to charge, coming complete with a charging cable. Once charged, they offer a play time of up to 24 hours, so are useful for even the longest trip. Another feature which makes them attractive to the fashion minded is the fact that you can change the ear caps to a different design or colour, with Sudio offering a range of different designs to help you match your phones to your outfit.

I love these earphones, they are easy to charge, comfortable to wear, small enough to store when not in use, and they look so stylish. Plus the sound quality is excellent, making your musical choices sound as good as they ever will.

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