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Stylish Television: Chloe

Chloe is my current television obsession. The BBC drama, which will come to its conclusion next Sunday, is by far the most stylish television programme of the year, and features an incredible lead performance from Erin Doherty, last seen as a feisty Princess Anne in The Crown. Incredibly twisty and turning, the series has you on the edge of your seat, tension filled goes nowhere near describing it.

Chloe is about the death of a local socialite, and her former friend Becky Green,  who becomes obsessed with finding out the truth about her life and death, infiltrating her family and friendship group in the guise of Sasha in order to find out what made Chloe commit suicide, building up a web of lies and debts as her stories begin to spiral out of control, and she becomes romantically involved with Chloe’s husband Elliot. As Becky becomes Sasha, and as her life to incorporate this new lifestyle and social circle, her whole style and demeanor changes, and this leads to some seriously fashion forward sartorial moments that have had me salivating  over the Stine Goya.

As the new and improved Becky Green, Erin Doherty is incredibly chic and stylish. With her sleek ponytails, lavishly printed dresses and classic trench coat, she is every inch the sort of woman that Instagram loves, with a real directional style that very few can pull off. The Stine Goya dress she wears for Livia’s launch is a case in point, this is a dress that is oversized in every way, from the trapeze/smock style, to the floral print. But Erin as Becky totally pulls it off – she looks incredible.

Other incredible looks include the sunshine yellow dress from Rejina Pyo x & Other Stories with the empire line which resembles an update of a regency dress, and an all black look that has a nod to Audrey Hepburn style.

It is not just Becky/Sasha who show series style chops in Chloe. Pippa Bennett-Warner, as Livia, Chloe’s best friend, has some incredible outfits, not least the trouser suit and silk blouse she is wears to an art event. Chloe herself is seen in flashbacks, and has a wardrobe of incredible silk, boho style dresses that bring to mind labels like Ghost and vintage Chloe.

If you haven’t seen Chloe you can catch up on BBC iplayer. I would definitely recommend it, for lovers of suspense, mysteries, and for lovers of serious style.


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