Tess Daly stylish spots from my-wardrobe

Whilst Tulisa and Nicole Scherzinger are having a fashion battle-royale on Saturday nights, there is another beautiful lady who is quietly stealing both their thunder, and their ratings. Tess Daly rarely puts a fashionable foot wrong, always looking the epitome of cool and elegant style. She has an eye for new labels, and has the sort of understated, immaculate look that reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett.

One dress that Tess has worn recently which shows why she is becoming such an icon is the Phillip Lim  long sleeved shadow dress. This dress, on paper, shouldn’t work – too much white, long sleeves and high neck, and very slinky, almost bordering on bodycon. But this dress is a revelation when Tess wears it -the black paneling works like an illusion dress, making this dress both flattering, and very, very sexy. This dress is now available at my-wardrobe and is a definite investment buy – you will wear it forever.

3.1 Phillip Lim Long Sleeved Shadow Dress £485.00 click to visit my-wardrobe

One of the most beautiful dresses Tess has worn on the current series of Strictly has been the Catherine Deane Megan dress in emerald green. This was a beautiful goddess-like dress that also had accents of leather and a leather cumberland style belt. My-wardrobe has the Megan dress in a short version which is just the ultimate cocktail hour dress. It also has another amazing Catherine Deane dress which would also be perfect for Tess, the beautiful Mecury dress in both blue and beige.

Catherine Deane Megan Pleated Leather Trim Belted Dress £777.00 click to visit my-wardrobe

Catherine Deane Beige Mercury Long Pleated Tulle And Lace Gown £1,336.00 click to visit my-wardrobe

Catherine Deane Blue Mercury Long Pleated Tulle And Lace Gown £1,336.00 click to visit my-wardrobe




Cheryl Cole…a word of advice about that X Factor Wardrobe…

It seems that we may have been a little to hasty about dismissing Cheryl Cole’s American dream. If the press are to be believed (the News of the World so definitely true!!!), Cheryl may well be returning to  US X Factor after produces viewed the tapes and decided they may have made a big mistake in ditching the Georgie petal. If this is true, and I hope for Cheryl’s sake it is, then I hope someone has a word in her ear about her previous X Factor wardrobe. Because, let’s be totally honest,  it was dire. The girl who looked completely fabulous during Cannes in a range of showstopping gowns, sleek hair and flawless make-up looked completely underwhelming during her time in the States. Lets examine the evidence.

Look 1 – Oscar De La Renta top, Diane Von Furstenburg trousers.

It was a clever  move for Cheryl to plump for classic American designers for her first audition. And I do love the purple and orange shades together. But turquoise as well? This was a clear case of over icing the cake. The trousers were just too long, making Cheryl appear as if she had no feet. And the hair…Malibu Barbienow has a Geordie accent. Her crowing glory was teased and backcombed in a way that may well have seen L’Oreal scratching their heads in wonderment. This was overstyled to the extreme.

Look 2 – Sonia by Sonia Rykiel

This is a really cute dress by Sonia Rykiel, and I would love it if Pixie Lott was wearing it. But Cheryl is a sophisticated women, not a little girl, and it really just looked too young for her. Cheryl needed to look self assured and sophisticated to hold her own on a panel of late 40s/50 something fellow judges. This look left her floundering like a little girl allowed to mix with the grown-ups.

Look 3 – Giambattista Valli

This is a nice Giambattista Valli dress. I like the Westwood necklace. But in this ensemble, when compared to the smoking hot Paula Abdul in Alexander McQueen, looks a little bit frumpy for the beautiful and sexy Miss Cole. Paula looked amazing in a dress of a similar shade, but with the plunging neckline, fashion-forward neckline and stylish nude shoes, she far outshines her younger rival. I hate Cheryl’s 1970s style stripper sandals, which look cheap and nasty, and feel sad, because she can do so much better than this. Far too demure and ‘more tea vicar’ for me!

So what should she wear? A few ideas…

3.1 Phillip Lim leather dress

Halston Heritage

Vivienne Westwood anglomania Arianna

Rag and Bone Albion

3.1 Phillip Lim