Cannes style – Looks that really should’ve been ‘canned’.

Cannes Film festival -Oh the sheer glamour of it all. But not all the looks are as flawless and perfect as those that have been worn by Diane Kruger and Tilda Swinton. Some, in fact should’ve been canned before the star/starlet let the house. Here are a few of those looks that had me shaking my head and wondering WHY?

1. Salma Hayak in leather Gucci. Lets spell it out slowly and carefully. Salma – you – are – not – playing – Frida – Kahlo – anymore. So ditch JLO’s flowers and get back to the looks we know and love.

2.Faye Dunaway. Jane Fonda showed us ageless style, whilst Faye showed us how you can get a Caspar the friendly ghost look with the aid of a large white bed sheet. Faye in the 70s was one of my styleicons…Faye in her 70s, well…

3. Mia Wasikowska. Can you see her?  Keep looking, ah! There she is. Proof that pale blondes shouldn’t wear pale nudes, even if  they are Valentino.

4. Lady GAGA. Sid Snot here…

5. Bryce Dallas Howard. I usually love her style and looks, but in this frumpy get up she looks like a sister-wife from ‘Big Love’.

6. Paz Vega. In  this Azzaro suit, Paz wins the prize for best dressed Christmas present. It has a sort of style, but I can’t help thinking of an oversized romper suit.

7. Stephanie Sigman. One question – did she borrow it from Cher? A black lacy, strappy  monstrosity.

8. Rachel McAdams. I know lots of people like this style, and the colour is amazing on her, but it just reminds me of Wonder Women I’m afraid.

9. Aishwarya Rai. Bet you never knew that Lanvin designed potato sacks did you? Still, when you’re this beautiful you could probably wear a potato sack and get away with it!

10. Lara Stone. She’s beautiful but this look isn’t. Lara looks just too busty for such a high neckline, and the fabric looks strangely cheap. I would also prefer strappy sandals. It looks a little bit drag Queen. Did David choose it?