GB Show Plates and their cool car gifs

Every so often I post about the various cool websites which I stumble on. The weekends normally gives me a few hours to browse Twitter and see what is popular.
I found this cool 80 Amazing Car GIFs and it is really easy to browse through all 80! You hit the “Enter” button and you are shown the first GIF. If you want to see more all you need to do is click the “Show Me Another” button. It was built by GB Show Plates who print car show plates. Here is an  example of one of the fabulous Gifs.


Doesn’t that look amazing! You can check out more below by hitting the “Enter” button!

Click image above to open the interactive version (via GB Show Plates).

Toy review – Slix Stunt City from Sainsbury’s

If you are looking for a present that will keep your little boys (or big boys come to mention it) happy, contented and occupied all over the Christmas period, you need look no further than Sainsbury ‘s. This year they have had an amazing collection of great value toys for children of all ages, and the Slix toys in particular have been the stuff that little boys (and some little girls too) dream of. I’m talking fast cars, stunt driving, and lots of crashes and smashes.

I was sent the Slix Stunt City to review with Joe. Unfortunately, Joe has spent quite a bit of time over the last few weeks feeling very poorly, requiring two stays in hospital. Because of this, he has not really been up to doing much playing, and so you will have to rely on his mom, admittedly a very big kid at heart, to tell you all about this toy. But the great news is that I think it is fab, and I know Joe will enjoy playing with this once he is better.

stunt City


The Slix Stunt City is a motorised race car set. It is a multiple level race track with a great many obstacles around the course including a wrecking ball and a collapsible bridge. There are two stunt cars included in the set, these are launched by  a motorised launcher (powered by battery power) that can send them in either a left or right direction at high speed in order to attempt to master the track. The crane which controls the wrecking ball also requires AA batteries.


This is such a great fun object. It is so exciting as the cars travel around the track trying to avoid the (inevitable) smash from the wrecking ball which derails the cars. The steering wheel which allows you to feel like you are driving the car adds to the general excitement, and the fact that the cars travel so quickly means that even the coolest little boys will enjoy getting involved in this activity.

From a parents point of view, there does seem to be a lot of pieces when you initially open the box. However, the instructions are simple and easy to follow, and have lots of pictures so that this is actually pretty straightforward to put together.


The Stix Stunt City is currently unavailable to buy online, but is available in stores. Definitely a great Christmas gift idea for Children aged 3+.