Post Wedding Bridal Shoes Ideas

Bridal shoes are an important part of a bride’s outfit. Stilettos, high-heels, cat-heel, strappy sandals, flats or Victorian wedding shoes are some of the many wedding shoe styles that brides-to-be can choose from. However, once they’ve been worn on your wedding day… what else can you do with them?


Wear Them Again!

If you opt for a style of bridal shoe that you usually wear and feel comfortable in, you are more likely to discover multiple opportunities to wear your bridal shoes over and over again.

Dye Your Bridal Shoes

Dying your shoes can be a great way to give your shoes a new life.

Even though you can do this yourself, it is advisable that you ask a shoe expert whether your shoes can be dyed or not (not all of them can) and which is the best way to do it. Many shoe designers even have a customized shoe dying service!

Store Your Wedding Heels

For many brides, their bridal outfit, shoes included, is a very special, personal treasure that reminds them of one of the most beautiful moments in their lives. And so, simply storing your shoes away to look back on is always an option!


Sell Them

If you have invested in a pair of designer shoes or your wedding shoes are particularly trendy, an option you can consider is selling them. Whether you sell them online on any of the popular ecommerce platforms available, selling them allows another bride to get as much joy out of them as you did.

Give Your Wedding Shoes To Someone Special

Many brides decide to give their bridal shoes to someone special as a token of the important occasion they’ve celebrated together. Many give their shoes with a lovely note to their maid of honour (that is, of course if they fit!)

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