Birmingham Sky Ride – Get on your bike!

I blame Bradley Wiggins. It seems the Mod cyclist has inspired a whole generation to get on their bikes. Everywhere you look at the moment there are people jumping out of their armchairs, grabbing some serious lycra and a whole range of snazzy helmets and going for a bike ride. The success of the fabulous Team GB cyclists, including the ultra glamorous Victoria Pendleton, will only increase interest in a pastime that helps you to keep fit and active, whilst also getting you from A-B in the most environmentally friendly way.

In the spirit of this new passion for cycling comes the much-anticipated Birmingham Skyride, coming to the city on Sunday 19th August. A collaboration between Sky and British Cycling, this ride is the perfect opportunity for everyone, old and young, regardless of cycling ability, to get on their bikes and have a lot of fun.

If you want to take part in the Sky Ride,m there is still plenty of time to register.  And registering could also give you the opportunity to win a whole host of fabulous prizes, from a unique opportunity to have an amazing cycling experience with Sir Chris Hoy (scream! Huge crush alert!!!) to a fabulous new bike or a Sky + HD package. And you can take the whole family too as there willbe a range of entertainment all around the route, with Activity Areas at the University of Birmingham Campus (below) and the Optima Community Association, from 10.00am until 4.00pm for everyone who wants to enjoy the atmosphere without getting on a bike. There will also be BMX displays, an Art Attack area and our Bike Cafe at the University campus and a DJ and face painters at the Optima Community Association. All in All, a fabulous day.

All the stylish fashionista’s love to ride their bikes…


Blake Lively

Jessica Biel

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller

Kiera Knightley

Katy Perry

Solange Knowles