A Guide To Stylish Driving

There are so many things to consider when learning to drive. Who to choose as a driving instructor? How many lessons to book? How much to spend on a car? Where to get specialist car insurance and what sort of cover to opt for? My head is almost buzzing with all this boring and mundane stuff. But, we can also have a little fun when it comes to our cars even with all these things to consider. I think the best way to make your driving experience as stylish as possible is to think of everything in terms of fashion!

My Driving fantasy


My mantra at the moment seems to be ‘what would Grace do‘, whenever I’m faced with any issue, problem or dilemma. In terms of driving, Grace always wore a gorgeous and elegant pair of driving gloves, in ladylike white or a pastel shade. So my first step towards stylish driving may well be to get my hands (so to speak) on a pair of beautiful, elegant driving gloves.

A Personalised Number Plate

Next to consider is the number plate. Do you really want to settle for just a bog standard plate, wouldn’t it look much better to get something personalised and special just to you? NewReg.co.uk and one of the UK’s oldest and foremost number plate companies, and can allow you to search their database of thousands of numbers in order to find a personalised number plate that is perfect for you, your personality or your hobbies and interests, It will make your car feel just that little bit more special to you, giving you that thrill every time you see it, and, of course it will make your car just that bit easier to find in a crowded car park!

Driving Licence

Now let’s look at that driving licence. Grace would never leave that important piece of paper bare and uncovered in the bottom of her handbag. Grace would have a special driving licence cover, probably leather, most definitely designer.

A Head Scarf

And then there’s the question of scarves. Grace often wore them to cover her hair when driving, Brigitte Jones tried this look with a little less success. A pretty square scarf is perfect for covering the head, and if you happen to find one with a car print, that is even better, a sublime  gift for any pretty petrolhead.






Make sure you have breakdown cover this Summer

Summer is here and in the next few weeks people will be taking their annual holidays and schools will be breaking up. For some, Summer holidays mean traveling abroad, but for others, the delights of the UK are highly desirable and holiday camps, glamping sites and hotels up and down the country will fill with happy holidaymakers. For those holidaying in the UK, this often means driving on the UK’s busy motorways, and, as with any long car journey, this carries the risk that you will breakdown, due to anything from a blowout, running low on fuel, or the failure of an integral car part. Obviously, if you were to have an accident, your vehicle should be insured, whether it be car or motorbike insurance. But if you break down, the insurance won’t cover you for this unless it is an added option. This is why it is so important to make sure you have breakdown cover for your vehicle.


Breakdown cover is crucial, and yet it is one of those things that some people either forget to get, or forget to renew. Maybe this is due to it not being compulsory – when your car seems to be running OK, why do you need to think about cover?  It seems one way to save money when times are tough, but it is clearly a false economy. For if you do happen to break down, and need roadside assistance or towing, the cost can be astronomical.

Contact Number UK have put together a useful guide to the biggest breakdown services in the UK. This includes the two best known companies – AA Breakdown and the RAC, as well as Green Flag, Swift Cover (Admiral) and National Breakdown. Each company has their own way of dealing with your breakdown, where AA and RAC have their own recovery vehicles, Green Flag uses a range of different garages that can be localised to your area. RAC has specialist van and motorbike insurance, which is useful if you have a vehicle for work, whilst Swift Cover, as part of the Admiral group, could offer you a discount if you are also taking out some sort of insurance policy at the same time. And, with holidays still in mind, if you are taking your car to Europe this year, it may be worth checking out National Breakdown who offer a single trip EU coverage, so your car will be covered if you hit a problem during your holidays.


Whatever cover you choose, you need to make sure you have something. To ignore the possibility of breakdown is foolhardy and can ultimately, be very costly.