Take Time Out For A Little Self Care This Autumn

No matter how busy and hectic your life may be, you need to make sure that you take care of your wellbeing in order for you to be healthy and happy. Along with the fulfilling any responsibilities of work, family and motherhood, you should cater to your own needs such as adequate rest, nourishing food and regular exercise, and could also look into how therapy can improve your life if you are feeling that everything is on top of you.

Learn to Love Yourself

If you want to improve the quality of your life, then actually learning to love yourself is a big step forward. So many of us spend so much time beating ourselves up about every last thing, and then wonder why things don’t go our way. Look at all the things you do well, the people who love you and often rely on you, and what you have achieved in life so far, no matter how small or big those things seem. Orionsmethod .com offers a range of self coaching methods that can help you to step back and evaluate all those important life choices and decisions.

Take a Break

Finding some time to focus on you is vital for all mothers because their lives usually involve meeting other people’s needs throughout the day. This can be quite exhausting and if you are overwhelmed you will not be able to handle your obligations effectively. If your general wellbeing does not receive the care it deserves, you will end up being stressed and worn out.

Invest in some time to care for your needs, which will be beneficial for your health in the long run. Finding enough time for yourself requires planning when you have a busy life. Set aside time for the spa, lunch dates with friends and regular appointments with your doctor.


Nutritious Diet

All mothers require a healthy diet that is well-balanced. It is important to plan healthy and simple meals if you have a hectic schedule to ensure that you get the nutrition that you need. Include all the recommended food groups in your meal choices. Your nutritional intake has a significant impact on your general health, immune system, weight and energy levels.


Develop exercise routines that work well for your lifestyle. Exercise helps you to stay active. You do not have to run for miles or go the gym everyday to stay fit. Dancing, swimming and biking are some of the fun activities that you can get involved in to keep you physically active.




Getting your body ready for the summer

Summer is rapidly approaching and we all know what that means; it’s time for bikinis, beachside barbecues and lots of outdoor time. Many people look forward to summer and all the great activities and sunshine, but not the fact that they will be showing so much skin. However, summertime does not have to be a time of body dread. There is still plenty of time to get your body ready to show off and feel confident during the summer months, just follow these tips and you’ll be summer-ready in no time. Working out The number one concern that most people have when summer is just around the corner is that their body isn’t ready for that bikini. Over the next several weeks try to integrate at least 30 minutes of exercise into your day, five or six days per week. You don’t have to have an intense workout regimen, just try to find fun and playful ways to incorporate exercise into your day. Gather some friends and commit to a few weekly walks or jogs around the park; meet up with a friend early in the morning for coffee and walk or bike ride and on the weekends, plan hiking trips and active days instead of a movie or drinks. Your body and budget will thank you. If you are really serious about getting a bikini body, join a gym and start strength training to gain some muscle. The combination of cardio and strength training is what will give you that ideal bikini body.


Get your best face on Summer is the one season of the year when you want to wear minimal makeup. These hot months are not the time to be caking on heavy foundations that you will just be sweating off! The best summer looks are light makeup with just a touch of mascara and lip gloss. But what if you are not sure that your face is ready to go completely bare? No worries, you can improve your skin quality with some homemade remedies. Try freezing pineapple juice into ice cubes and melting them on your face and don’t forget to lick the juice off. The enzymes in pineapple help to tighten skin and give you a more youthful look. You could also make some homemade facials to help brighten your skin. Try mixing egg white with lemon juice and applying to skin for at least 30 minutes; wash off and your skin will be glowing. You can also try supplements that add great vitamins to your skin. Phytoceramides are one supplement that’s been shown to improve skin quality.


Great looking skin When summer hits, you don’t want to find yourself with lots of body hair everywhere and an uneven skin tone. Ask around to find a great salon that does waxing and book yourself an appointment. Consider this a treat for yourself to look and feel your best and if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the sun this summer, you might want to book a few tanning sessions beforehand. If you go straight into the sun with white skin, you will be more likely to burn within minutes. Getting a base tan with a few tanning sessions will help prepare your skin and you will get to the beach with a ready-made healthy bronze look.

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