Top 5 Symptoms of Heart Disease in Women

Cardiovascular disease generally is termed as the condition which involves blocked or narrowed blood vessels that lead to a heart attack, stroke or chest pain. The effect of heart attack is different in men and women. Men usually get a crushing heart pain while in the case f women, the symptoms may be vague and even silent in addition to the normal ones. Women are usually dead on arrival or dead due to heart disease.

Studies show that women have died more than men due to heart disease. Thus this disease is considered as women’s disease than it is men’s disease.  Women are more prone to heart diseases due to abnormal blood vessel function in a smaller scale. Women generally get heart disease at the level of micro-vessels, that are very small which supply blood to the heart. The following may be some of the PVC heart symptoms.


This is the most common symptom of the heart attack but some women may feel differently than men. The pain will not only be on the left side of the chest but also pain anywhere in the chest with the feeling of fullness. The patient will feel truly uncomfortable during a cardiac arrest. It is a feeling of tightness throughout the chest.



Most of the times stomach pain as a symptom of the heart disease is wrongly mistaken as heartburn, stomach ulcer or flu. The women may experience extreme pressure on the abdomen as if a huge weight pressurizing the stomach.


The person may suffer from heart disease may feel pain in arms, back, jaw, or neck. This symptom is very common in women than in men. The pain in back or jaw may not be easily expected in the case of heart disease. The pain may wax and wane, gradual or sudden. This pain in various part of the upper body may lead a person to wake up while sleeping. This unexplained pain is a symptom of cardiac arrest.


Sweating is also a common symptom of the heart disease. This sweating may feel as a result of nervousness varies from perspiration from exercise, or due to heat.  This may also lead to extreme tiredness especially in the chest even if they are immobile.


The person may find it difficult to breathe for no reason. The troubled breathing may be an easy symptom to know that it is because of the heart attack. If nausea, light-headedness and shortness of breath are accompanied by other symptoms, then the medical help is to be sought immediately.

The actions required in case of the above symptoms may be as follows

  • Women generally tolerate and wait longer before going to emergency room.
  • The person suffering from the above one or more symptoms should not possibly drive instead seek an ambulance for help so that further accidents are avoided.
  • The pains undergone may not be the symptom of heart disease but yet confirmation can always be safe.