How To Create More Space In Your Current Home

It is a common problem, particularly when a couple become a family. That dream home that you found is suddenly not big enough. As your family grows, you find that you need more bedrooms, more living space, a bigger kitchen because the space you have is no longer big enough to accommodate your needs. The answer seems to be to move to a bigger house, but you may not wish to do that, you may love your current home and like the area that you live in. In these cases the answer may be to extend your home.

Here are some of the ways that you could keep your dream home and make it work for you.

A Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is a great idea if you are looking to create extra bedrooms and/or another bathroom. You are using a dead space in your roof and making it earn its keep. Loft conversions can be super spacious and also luxurious, and they can be bright and airy with the addition of Velux windows and blinds. A loft bedroom could be a fabulous space for a child’s bedroom, or a haven for a master bedroom, complete with an ensuite bathroom.

A mezzanine

If you don’t want a full loft conversion, you could create a large master bedroom in the form of a mezzanine. This is an intermediate floor that extends over a room, with the downstairs open to the double height ceiling. This is a brilliant idea if you are currently short of storage space in your bedroom as you then have a two tier bedroom, leaving a space for your bed, and lots more space for storage.

This is a great way to add a wow factor to your home.

An Extension

Moving downstairs, an extension to create extra rooms, or to expand current rooms like kitchen and living areas is a popular way to extend your space. Dependent on space, you could expand onto the back or the side of your home, maybe creating that family kitchen that you have always wanted, or adding another living room to make a space for the children to watch tv and play. Another popular use for an extension is to create a utilities room to house the washing machine/tumble dryer etc, thus freeing up space in your current kitchen.

A Conservatory

Conservatories do seem to have a sort of love/hate reputation, but I personally love them. A conservatory is a great choice if you have a beautiful garden and want to make the garden an extension of your home. Conservatories also make lovely dining rooms, again with the bonus of overlooking the garden. But a conservatory doesn’t have to be a large space, or limited to a large house. We have a conservatory on the side of our Victorian terrace that we use as a utilities room and this has been very useful.

Have you extended your home?

Making Additional Storage Space In Your Loft

When it comes to our homes, it seems that the one thing we can never have enough of is storage space. As our families grow, we need more and more space to store our belongings, our clothes, toys and all the other things that we seem to just accumulate. We resort to more cupboard space, under bed storage, we even put things in sheds and garages and hope for the best. And yet many of us ignore a storage solution that is literally right over our heads – our loft space.

c86c439f096219c47aa5541119e2be48--attic-bedroom-storage-eaves-bedroom.jpg (600×800)

The loft space is something that many of us just ignore, and yet it can be the perfect storage solution. It is almost the whole of your upstairs space, and can be made into a light and airy space with the addition of roof windows from Solstro.  Lofts are a great place to store seasonal items, things like Christmas trees and decorations that you only need to use once a year, but are then a problem to store for the other 11 months. They can also be useful for storing old toys that you don’t want to part with but are no longer played with.

966c195b9a63f62e0f420efb44761741--attic-storage-storage-room.jpg (440×430)

There are a few more things to consider if you plan to use your loft for storage. In older houses (like my Victorian terrace for instance), the loft space can be dusty and lofts are not designed to take much weight, so a board out is a good investment, making the space cleaner and safe for walking in.The floor can be strengthened by installing loft panels, which is a relatively simple job, you can find a good how to guide from Wickes by clicking here. A good loft ladder can also be a worth while investment, a pull up and down style that can be  attached to your loft hatch and then stored in the loft when it is not needed.

Bedroom-with-ladder-access-to-loft-no-credit-available.jpg (920×920)

If you are struggling for space in your home, moving some of your current clutter into your loft space could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

The Perfect Use of Your Loft Space

You’ve made the decision to convert your loft space into a room and have decided to go ahead with a loft conversion. You’ve taken into account all the issues related to the size of your space, and have chosen your VELUX windows and blinds in order to give your room the right amount of light and shade it needs to be comfortable and inhabitable. Now you need to decide what you are going to use your extra rooms and space for.

Here are a few suggestions for ways to use your loft space.

A new Bedroom

Probably the most obvious choice, a new master bedroom can be a perfect fit for your loft space, often with the advantage of an ensuite bathroom too. The room can be bright and airy due to the VELUX windows, but blackout blinds can ensure you still get a good night’s sleep. A loft bedroom is usually of a decent size, and, if your family is expanding, can mean you can accommodate a growing family without needing to move house. It can also be an adult only haven away from the children.

A dressing room

Another idea is to have your loft space as a dressing room/walk in wardrobe. If you have more clothes than you know what to do with, this could be an effective and stylish way to sort your storage issues, and create a beautiful space fit for a Hollywood star.

A study/home office

If you need a space in your home in which to work, your loft space could make a really useful home/office.  Situated in a quieter part of the home, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your house, a home office in the loft could allow you to work in peace. Similarly, it could also make a good study space for teenagers sitting GCSEs and needing somewhere to revise and concentrate.

A Den/Man cave

Man caves tend to be outdoor spaces – a shed or summer house that has somehow been converted to a sanctuary or bastion of maleness – complete with beer cooler, bean bags and a dartboard. But if you want to house your man cave or den in warmer surroundings, then the space in your loft may just be the answer to your prayers.

Do you have a loft conversion – what room does it house in your house?