Easter Gifts for Her that don’t Involve Chocolate

If you’re looking for a special Easter gift for the very special lady in your life, but have perhaps been sworn off from buying her chocolate; maybe if she’s aiming to perfect her bikini body in time for her holiday etc, then you may need to get creative. After all, Easter is all about all things chocolate, so you’ll need to think out the box if you want to find her a great gift.

But have no fear, as we’ve come up with some great Easter gifts for her without a pinch of chocolate in sight.

A piece of jewellery

It’s a given that you definitely can’t ever go wrong with jewellery, so we thought we’d start with this one. From modern or costume jewellery to more timeless and special antique jewellery, you’re sure to find a piece that will put a big smile on her face this Easter. You could even opt for a jewellery box instead if you’re unsure of what to go for, and if she seems to have it all!


A bouquet of flowers

Likewise, you can never go wrong with flowers, especially if you’re on a slightly tighter budget. You could have the flowers ordered directly to her door with an Easter card to go that extra mile on the day, and to give her a really big, nice surprise. With spring upon us, there are some truly beautiful flowers in season at the moment, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting them.

A cuddly bunny/chick/lamb

If she’s a big kid at heart, something soft and cuddly could definitely appeal to that side of her. Sticking with the Easter theme, why not opt for a cuddly toy version of her favourite out of the main Easter staples – a bunny, a chick or a lamb? You could wrap a bow around it and put it on her bed or her favourite chair and leave it for her to find, or even have it as the main prize at the end of an Easter egg hunt instead of an egg!


A candle

Candles always make a lovely gift, and you can even find some Easter themed ones which make them even more relevant and sweet at this time of year. Opt for something with a fresh scent to coincide with spring; such as a floral one which would be perfect. This is also a great way to pay homage to the real meaning behind Easter if she celebrates it in terms of religion, too.

Easter themed bath gifts

That’s right; we even came across some amazing Easter themed bath gifts on our hunt for inspiration. Our favourites have to be from Lush Cosmetics, as their collection includes a bunny shaped bath bomb, a glittery golden egg bath bomb and carrot soap. They’re all reasonably priced too, and you can mix and match the items to make them into more of a gift set as well.


Lush launch ‘FUN’ with a whole lot of fun

I was invited to a special event in Covent Garden last week, when one of my fave beauty stores Lush, launched a brand new product called ‘FUN’. This proved to be a fab event and a whole lot of fun, although I really wished I had taken my little boy Joe along to take part in the fun.

‘FUN’ is a brand new wonder product, aimed at children, but really for children of all ages. Imagine a plastacine/playdoh that your child could happily use in the bath, and then use to wash both their hair and body and you have the general gist of FUN. It is the ideal product for encouraging those kids who hate bathtime into the tub, giving them the opportunity for messy play that actually gets them clean – a real novelty.

At the launch we were given both a demonstration of FUN and an opportunity to try it out for ourselves. In water the bar lathers up into a lovely soap and can then be used to wash. Running it under a cold tap enables you to use it as a gloriously coloured bubble bath. It is also suitable to use as a shampoo. Being preservative free means it is suitable for even the most delicate of skins. And the scent, of course, being a Lush product, is truly gorgeous.

Fun Blue £5 click to visit Lush

Lots of the mommy bloggers attending got really creative with the products, creating dinosaurs, caterpillars and all manner of fab objects. The children really enjoyed it too, getting messy and smelling adorable all at the same time. I’m not creative so I just had fun squishing the bar around.

Look how well it lathers up

Fun comes in five different shades and fragrances, Blue being a mix of lavender, Moroccan chamomile and chamomile blue essential oils, hence making it a perfect choice before bedtime. There are also the green shade a citrus burst of tangy lime and lemon essential oils, pink which is Jam packed with the fruity, candy smells of childhood, Red which contains mandarin and orange essential oils to make you think of sunny orange groves and freshly squeezed juice and finally yellow which is full of creamy vanilla tones to evoke thoughts of seaside ice creams, granny’s baking and home comforts.

10p from the sales of each FUN bar goes to help children in Japan affected by the Fukushima disaster.

Click here to view the full range.

Many thanks to the lovely team from Lush Covent Garden for the invite to this event.